American Pie's Jason Biggs Hypes Pies for Edwards Desserts

24 years on, the actor stages ... a comeback

The guy who famously shared his teenage lust with an apple pie just began hyping Edwards Desserts. Yum?

American Pie actor Jason Biggs appears in a commercial made by Minneapolis agency Fast Horse. Naturally, this stuff is G-rated, but it shares the sublimely sophomoric humor of the 1999 cult fave.

What else would you expect when "America's biggest pie lover" makes his pitch?

Edwards Desserts

An off-screen director shouts CUT! after bits such as:

  • "I'm America's biggest pie lover. Er, not in a weird way."
  • "I've teamed up with Edwards to start your Fourth of July off with a bang."
  • "I can say cream, right?"

Bits. Heh. Too bad Eugene Levy didn't pop up at the end.

Fans can win special-edition Passion Fruit pies, with boxes autographed by Jason.

It's a fattening, flaky slice of nostalgia, in step with so many recent brand plays, including Biggs' romp for DoorDash with American Pie co-star Seann William Scott.

"Nostalgia marketing can create a powerful connection with people, and it's been fun to see such a positive response from our target audience, which includes many of the Gen Xers and older Millennials who grew up with the movie," agency integration chief Scott Broberg tells Muse. "It's clear that there are a lot of fans who love seeing Jason Biggs back on screen, generating laughs with his love of pie—even if it's a little more family-friendly this time around."

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