From America to Ron's Gone Wrong, See This Week's Trailers and Posters

Plus, the latest colorful work for Space Jam

Friday is once again upon us, and this week in entertainment marketing we got our fill of animation. There were new characters, classic toons and even iconic figures with redrawn narratives. We also got a healthy dose of aliens, and if you've been following recent news, perhaps it makes you wonder if we should still be labeling these stories sci-fi? There were also plenty of scares this week and a smoldering amount of desire. And I'd be remiss not to mention the wildly creative take on a Johnny Cash classic.

There is lots of excitement ahead. Here are some of the notable trailers and posters released this week. 

America: The Motion Picture

Trailer Agency: Create Advertising    
Poster Agency: Proof    

America: The Motion Picture is an animated reimagining of American history with a solid comedic twist. The riotous trailer hits every note. From the editorial to the brilliantly funny graphics, including the cast introduction—comedy lives at the core. And the music is patriotically on-point. Check out the witty poster as well, which also redraws history. Celebrate a new retelling of American history on June 30.


Apple TV+    
Trailer Agency: Wild Card Creative Group    

Prepare yourself for a global alien invasion. While still considered a sci-fi series, this premise couldn't be more timely. The trailer's cue demands attention from the first note. Then through the expository dialogue and crafty editing, viewers are drawn deeper into the feeling of realism. Fiction or not, eyes around the universe and beyond can tune in Oct. 22.    

Space Jam: A New Legacy

Warner Bros. Pictures    
Trailer Agency: Create Advertising    
Poster Agency: Cold Open

The latest trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy truly pumps the jam. It offers more story, more of those amazingly colorful graphics, and best of all, lots more Daffy Duck. Check out the latest poster as well, which uniquely uses the space in a brave and artful way. The Tunes are back in town July 16.

The Boy Behind the Door

Trailer Agency: AV Squad    

Get ready for two minutes of terror! The Boy Behind the Door follows two abducted children as they try to plot their escape. From the captivating cue and jarring sound design and graphics, there's no escaping the chills and thrills of this trailer. The scares begin July 29.


Trailer Agency: The Refinery    
Poster Agency: Size Matters    

When a young mother tries to reconcile her past and present, her fantasies of yesteryear stir up a troubling desire. Lustful visuals mixed with the sultry expository dialogue will leave viewers fanning away the steam. Also, who would've thought "I Walk the Line" could sound so sexy? The poster juxtaposes the competing worlds of past and present and has some fun with color theory. Dive into Sex/Life on June 25.


IFC Films    
Trailer Agency: MOCEAN    

From visionary director Neill Blomkamp comes a story that takes a mother/daughter rift to a terrifying extreme. The sinister cue and heightened sound design are inescapable. The glitching graphics add a scary touch. See Demonic on Aug. 20.

Ron's Gone Wrong

20th Century    
Trailer Agency: MOCEAN    
Poster Agency: Disney/MOCEAN    

Technology isn't perfect. That idea is at the heart of the new animated film Ron's Gone Wrong. The song choice for the trailer, "Happy Together," feels perfectly on-brand. Although it's the trailer's opening, which mimics a product advertisement, that makes this piece so creative and fun to watch. The poster is also a delight with its blue screen color scheme and the use of negative space, which leaves room for the clever copy to shine!

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