2 Minutes With ... Jacky Shu, Owner & CEO of Rogue Planet

Wearing so many hats so very well

What can't Jacky Shu do? Her list of accomplishment is formidable. She's the star of Birds of Prey, a social justice fighter and the mother of three, plus CEO and owner of Rogue Planet. Jacky works tirelessly to diversify the industry, founding organizations like Spark and Soapbox WOC, while supporting GCM, Revision and others. She also likes to compete in roller derbies, disrupt the norm and fight bigots.

We spent two minutes with Jacky to learn more about her background, her creative inspirations and recent work she's admired.

Jacky, tell us...

Where you grew up, and where you live now.

Grew up in Princeton, NJ. Jersey girl through and through. Now I'm living the dream in sunny Los Angeles.

Why you pursued a career in entertainment.

I never really had a solid path growing up. I never really knew exactly what I wanted to do or what I wanted to be. But I have always had a love of movies and at my core. I am an extrovert who really likes connecting with people, so maybe it wasn't so much of landing in entertainment as loving the role as a producer.

Three movies/TV shows you couldn't do without, and why.

The Birdcage, Armageddon, Everything Everywhere All At Once. I refuse to explain myself. 

Your favorite movie trailer or poster.

There was a poster for Yogi Bear years ago, it was a vertical and I believe was used as a bus shelter. Was this an exceptional poster? No. Was this a great design? No. But it PERFECTLY explains why people need to vet their ideas a little more before they are executed. Why? The poster is a tight crop of Yogi behind Boo-boo, and Boo-boo is making a VERY excited expression. The copy line, well, the copy line reads: GREAT THINGS COME IN BEARS. I've never laughed so hard at a poster before in my f*cking life. 

One of your favorite projects you've ever worked on, and why.

Anyone who really knows me knows that I have an affinity for D-list monster movies, female revenge movies AND any and all Final Destination's. Years ago when I was doing posters we worked on and finished the Final Destination 5 teaser poster. It wouldn't win any awards, and no one else will remember what it looked like but it was the first time that I was able to fangirl out on a project and it basically finished at V1. Mmmm now that I'm thinking about it, it was probably the V1 thing. 

A recent project you're proud of, and why. 

I am pretty much proud of everything that my staff at Rogue Planet does. From the support that the assistant editors give us every day, to our talented editors, music and beautiful graphics. My brilliant producers that make everyone happy and the accounting team helps keep the lights on and the avid's running, I couldn't pinpoint just one project that I am proud of because my team amazes me every day with the work they do. 

One thing about how entertainment marketing is evolving that you're excited about.

I think the industry is getting smaller and way more friendly with each other. The idea that we can openly talk about salaries and job security and have the necessary discussions about discrimination and stress keeps everyone sane. It can get pretty lonely when you're working 10+ hour days, in whatever you do. I like to hear that the newer generation doesn't look at everyone else as a rival, but more as peers that they can have open conversations with. 

Someone else's work, in entertainment or beyond, that you admired lately.

There will always be someone that I will name over and over again when asked this question, and that is the brilliant work of one Gen Ip. Gen and I worked together at Industry creative before the year of the dinosaurs, but the second I saw what she was capable of I knew she had the IT. Gen works with an eye that I have yet to see an equal to, and, most importantly, is a delight to have a drink with. Seriously, everything she has put out since I have known her has blown my mind, and made me so excited to see what she does next. She is fresh and inspirational and there's not just ONE thing that I am proud of her for, it's her as a whole. Love you, G! 

A book, movie, TV show or podcast you recently found inspiring.

It has very quickly become one of my favorite films, but Everything Everywhere All At Once blew my mind. The fact that the Daniel's wrote and directed such a story about a Chinese mother and her daughter, and nailed almost every nuance broke me emotionally, in a good way! They could have more easily written it from a male perspective, but they didn't. Also the fact that they made Joy queer, in a world where they didn't have to, shows that it can be done, and in my opinion, without fanfare or the need for a pat on the back. It's hilarious, and weird, and never fails to make me cry and question every decision I have ever made. I never knew what it was like to watch a film that was so representative of my life, someone who looked like me, someone who felt like me, lived like me; to hear my language come out of someone's mouth was mind blowing. So when marginalized people talk about how important it is to be represented and to be acknowledged, it is because, it's not until the first time we see it, truly see it, that we realize that we've never actually felt important enough to be heard. 

Your favorite fictional character.

When I was growing up, my very first crush, EVER, was Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I'm not sure if that makes him my FAVORITE fictional character, but I think I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that I had daydreams that he would skateboard onto my bus with a pizza and rescue me before we even made it to school. Now I don't know if we would live at my house or the sewer but, cowabunga I was IN! 

Your main strength as a marketer/creative.

I am very good at reading someone, and engaging in conversation. I love making someone feel like they're the most important person in the world in the moments when we are together. In a sea of introverts, may my people skills shine bright. It's my super power.

Your biggest weakness.

I will NEVER tell.

Something people would find surprising about you.

Covered in ink and skating roller derby, I'm loud and brash and DGAF. I know what I look like and how I present, but I cry, like a LOT. Sad movies and songs, sure. But also ridiculous things like the thought of my kids moving out, strangers dying alone, a commercial with a cute dog, bad hair cuts, thinking about the future, thinking about the past ... yep. Big ol' crocodile tears.

One thing that always makes you happy.

Traveling. Going to a new place, meeting new people. Absorbing another culture, place, time. Hearing someone's story, making a stranger laugh, feeling like the person you just met is your new best friend, completely immersing yourself in a new place on the planet. Travel much, travel often. 

One thing that always makes you sad.

My kids' growing up too fast. 

What you'd be doing if you weren't in entertainment.

Ever since I was a kid I have always loved entertaining people. I don't think I could see myself doing anything else other than being in this insane industry. Whether it's acting, or being an athlete, or costume/set designing, it all would revolve around the entertainment industry, the rest of the world seems dull and boring. Whatever it would be, I will ALWAYS strive to be the best, do the best, and push myself to be at the top. And I am honored to do it in this space, with such wonderful peers and friends.

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