Zalando Fashions Will Have You Dancing to a Very Different Beat This Summer

Frantic footwork from Mother London

Do you feel confident enough to "Dress for yourself, nobody else?" Do you also feel bold enough to dance, dance, dance in public, all day long, like you've got ants in your pants? 

For the uninhibited young couple in Mother London's frenetic new spot for fashion e-tailer Zalando, the answer is clearly YES! 

Imbued with abundant enthusiasm across numerous wardrobe changes, they shimmy, shake, twist and gyrate around dreamy Mallorca beaches as amused, bemused and confused vacationers check out their vigorous vibrations.

Kooky kids, you're sweating all over people! Maybe get a room and dance there whydoncha? 

Of course, they'd be unfazed by such grousing. Throwing caution to the wind and ignoring criticism is what the work's all about. 

The campaign sprang from the notion that "we all waste time worrying about what other people will think of us at some point during our lives," Mother tells Muse, "with summer being an even more confusing time, when colors get bolder, and where more of our bodies are on show." 

Put another way, says the agency: "Who cares what anyone else thinks if you want to rock double denim on the beach or look fierce in animal print?" 

There's more high-stepping in these brief social clips:

No dialogue was required, the agency says, because music and movement constitute a "universal language" communicating liberation and self-acceptance. 

So universal, perhaps, that the approach feels reminiscent of Margaret Qualley's delirious dancing from Spike Jonze's acclaimed 2016 work for Kenzo?

"If people see similarities, we'd take that as a complement, but it wasn't derived from that," says an agency rep, adding, "This isn't an idea that comes from a specific film, TV or media reference. Instead, it's a much bigger philosophy of the way that we should live our lives."

Fair enough. At least they didn't dance around the question.


Agency: Mother
Creative: Mother
Strategy: Mother

TV Director: Mark Albiston
Stills-Photographer : Laura Coulson
Social Director: Stella Asia Consonni
Production: Sweetshop / Palma Pictures
TV Post Production: MPC
Campaign Stylist: Max Clark
TV Stylists: Max Clark and Kate Ruth
Creative Agency: Mother London
Music: ANXT by Random Recipe

Client: Zalando
Director Marketing Strategy & Campaign: Jonathan Ng
Lead Account Management: Darius Gross
Account Management: Dagmara Reczka, Mona Adel & Linnea Soedergran
Head of Campaign Management: Marie Frickel
Lead Campaign Management: Louisa Goltz
Campaign Management: Rustam Kushaev

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