Uncommon Unleashes 'Ratboot'—a Love Letter (of Sorts) to NYC

And it's exactly what it sounds like

If you can't take the smell of hot garbage, being smushed like a sardine on the subway or constant rat sightings, NYC might not be for you.

Uncommon created the Ratboot for New York Fashion Week. Model and self-proclaimed rodent lover Jenny Assaf wore this custom pair of boots last weekend in the front row of The Blonds show.

"As Uncommon opens our studio in Manhattan, we wanted to play a part in one of its biggest moments: Fashion Week," the agency says on social. "There are 3 million rats and 8 million humans in N.Y.: if New York was a shoe it is these."

The video below shows real rats navigating the boots, but the real pair contained stuffed rats.


The only thing missing is a piece of pizza, amirite?

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Ratboot has achieved online fame in the past 48 hours, amassing more than 105 million views. The boots will be up for auction in a few weeks, with proceeds benefitting Mainly Rats Rescue, a nonprofit that finds homes for rehabilitated rats.

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