These Undies From Maison Pixel Are Also a Streaming Platform

Mannequins star in ads by Atlantic New York

Hey, babe—let's binge Succession across your butt cheeks tonight. That should put us in the mood for love.

Maison Pixel's Streaming Undies turn such fantasies into reality. (Is that even a fantasy for anyone? Ah well, it takes all kinds.)

The chroma-key fabric works with an iOS- and Android-compatible Instagram filter, allowing folks to play content across the garments. To be clear: the tech doesn't project the images. You watch them on screen.

So, how's the company advertising such a product? With mannequins, of course!

Atlantic New York developed the ads, featuring an all-fiberglass cast:

They seemed listless in that first spot. Come on, dummies, do something already!

Ah well, it beats paying actors.

The launch follows Maison Pixel's "pixelated" underwear collection from a few years back. It leverages research showing that late-night screen addiction has caused a drop-off in sexual activity among adults. The company positions its Streaming Undies as "a potential savior of dwindling libidos everywhere."

You're nothing now, Fruit of the Loom!

Actually, with Streaming Undies, your eyes are still glued to a phone. But, butt ... it's kind of hawt, right?

The campaign will run on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube, with outreach to global fashion influencers, natch. (It could also stream on the product itself.)

As for mannequins, they always add an extra dimension, striking poses to tout everything from insurance and gum to restaurants in Lithuania. 

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