Range Rover Makes a Big Fashion Statement on Its 50th Birthday

Partners with tailor Henry Poole for bespoke jackets

Are you a Range Rover super-fan? If so, you can wear your love for the luxury sport utility on your sleeve (and collar! and lapels!) as part of the Land Rover brand's 50th anniversary celebration.

That's worth $4,300, right?

Working with London bespoke tailor Henry Poole & Co., the nameplate fashioned 130 yards of special lambswool check-patterned fabric, enough to create 50 men's or women's suit jackets. The colors: Tuscan Blue, Bahama Gold and Davos White—just like the original Range Rover from 1970.

"I didn't want the jacket to look like it's 50 years old," says Land Rover chief creative officer Gerry McGovern in the clip below. "It needs to look contemporary. It needs to be modern and it needs to be relevant." (He's driven this road before, collaborating with Orlebar Brown on a collection inspired by Land Rover materials and colors.)

Range Rover X Henry Poole & Co - marking 50 years of luxury

Founded in 1806, Poole ranks among the oldest and most exclusive tailors on London's Savile Row. Befitting that heritage, and Range Rover's standing as a high-end luxe model, the jackets are made to order, meeting each customer's individual requirements.

"Suits we make today can be worn for 20, 30 years, no problem," says Poole managing director Simon Cudney. "This reflects itself very much in the Range Rover," which likewise strives for a classic style.

If there's material left over, maybe they'll knit you a driving scarf. Though probably not.

And if you're still feeling spendy after buying the jacket, this Range Rover Fifty, limited to 1,970 units and starting around $148,500, comes in ... you guessed it! Tuscan Blue, Bahama Gold or Davos White.

See a gallery of images from the campaign below:

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