Kate Hudson Prefers Laser Therapy to Snake Venom, Dove Poop and Snails

Oscar nominee brings the funny for Alma

Hey, Kate Hudson, get that octopus off your head!

The Almost Famous star clowns around for Alma, going "Beyond the Trends" to promote the company's laser, plasma, ultrasound and other leading-edge health and beauty techniques.

"Look, your skin doesn't need another trend. Or another snail," she begins, as several of the gastropods cling to her face. 

The Academy Award nominee isn't a big fan of donkey-milk baths, either. And don't get her started on dove droppings or sea-life facials.

Alma | Look Beyond the Trend

The treatment Kate prefers, of course, is from Alma, which "harnesses your natural beauty, renews the skin and enhances you with real energy, inside and out," she says.

Anthony Mandler, best known for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift videos, delivers clean, sharp frames. They provide some smiles and let Kate's charisma—plus Alma attributes—shine through.

It's stagey in a good way, and uncluttered. Sort of minimalist, but with just enough props to enhance the story. Plus, a real dove lands in a nest perched on her hair. That's gotta count for something.

"I've personally experienced Alma's Harmony and Accent Prime treatments, and what I really like about it is that I could visually see the results on my skin," Hudson says in campaign materials. "I believe in empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness and feel confident in their own bodies, and Alma makes it happen."

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