Cotton Incorporated's Ode to Sweatpants Will Fit Your WFH Lifestyle Perfectly

DDB gets comfy at home

In this age of WFH coronavirus confinement, dress pants, chinos, khakis and jeans all take a backseat to sweatpants. Heck, sweatpants are the new black. (Especially if that's the color you happen to be wearing.)

Fittingly, Cotton Incorporated and DDB New York celebrate everyone's favorite soft trousers in a collection of snackable content designed for sharing via the tag #sweatpantslife.

Some folks never take off their sweatpants…

…while others compose love songs to loungewear:

Of course, cute pets appear…

…and, oooh! here's a scary sweatpants monster:

No one should ever get quite that comfortable.

"It's a mix of stir-crazy employees, stir-crazy friends, stir-crazy relatives and stir-crazy actors," explain DDB New York co-creative heads Lisa Topol and Derek Barnes. "It really wasn't hard to find people happy to do something fun and silly for a change. None of them were sourced from the web. They were all original, and we really didn't give much direction other than, 'Have fun and show us what you do in them or why you love them.' It wasn't hard for people, because the feeling is real."

With more clips on tap, the campaign will keep expanding, just like those forgiving waistbands.

"Among all of the understandably sad messages we were hearing both on the news and in advertising, our relationship with our cotton sweatpants was this happy silver lining that simply deserved to be thanked," say Topol and Barnes. "When people watch these, we want them to feel as good as cotton itself feels. We want people to laugh, smile and relax a little just when they need it most."

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