Axe's New Clothing Line Is Designed to Be Left Behind

Smells like a second chance at romance

We all screw up. The challenge is making things right. With matters of the heart, this can be tricky. With that in mind, Axe launched the "Oops, I Forgot This at Your Place Collection" across Mexico and Latin America. The special line of Axe-scented apparel will hopefully lead to second chances and more meetups.

Will this work? There's no guarantee. How strong of an Axe scent are we talking about?

Clothing items like shirts, socks and beanies are free with the purchase of two Axe products through the Rappi delivery app. In addition, the brand deployed a vending machine at the Shopping Center Plaza Satélite in Mexico City on Valentine's Day.

A 60-second video highlights a bevy of ways guys screw up, such as discussing crypto, saying "I love you" too soon and misquoting Socrates.

"Whether due to nerves, anxiety, or shyness, many young people may not show the best version of themselves on a first date," says a spokesperson at Lola MullenLowe, the agency behind the campaign. "However, that doesn't mean that everything has to end there. Holding onto the insight that 'forgetting' something at someone's house was a good excuse to see each other again, we thought it was a fun and insightful campaign to talk about the role and effect of a fragrance."


AXE Team:
Global Brand Director: Caroline Gregory
Senior Global Brand Manager: Francisco Cevasco
Senior Global Brand Assistant Manager : Florencia Villar, Angel Martinez

Lead Agency:  LOLA Mullenlowe (Madrid)
Executive Creative Director: Tomas Ostiglia
Creative Directors: Kevin Cabuli, Jorge Zacher
Copywriter: Augusto Callegari
Art Director: Pedro Mezzini
Managing Director: Tom Elliston
Account Director: Catalina Aguirre
Account Supervisor: Cristina Panea
Head of production: Felipe Calviño
PR Team: Enrique Caballero

IPG Global 
Global Business Director: Federico Duberti
Global Strategic Planner a Gerard Crichlow

Direction: Holzman & Cabuli
General Producer: Nano Tidone
Producer: Eva Manzi
Line Producer: Rosario Cappa
DOP: Mariano Monti
Art Director: Valentina Luppino
Wardrobe: Soledad Muñiz
Editor: Joaquín Pellarolo
Postproduction Coordinators: Aldo Ferrari & Miranda Schwartz

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