Burger King Wants to Rename a Volcanic Island (Yes, They're Dissing McDonald's)

Will a fiery place get a flame-broiled name?

Picture this: a remote volcanic island somewhere between Madagascar and Antarctica that breathes fire but bears the name "McDonald Island." Inconceivable! says Burger King Brazil, which proposes renaming the landmass "Whopper Island" to celebrate the sandwich's flame-broiled taste.

DM9 Brazil created a mockumentary that outlines this "travesty" and invites BK loyalists to help rename the location on Google Maps. Fans who visit the island's coordinates—53º04'35.69"S 73º30'49.18—and leave the comment #IlhaWhopper can earn coupons. It's not that easy to change an island's name!

The 2-minute vid below begins like a nature doc, showcasing animals that call the island home—along with an active volcano. The doc humorously blurs and bleeps the island's name, and explains the reason for a name change: "There's a volcano spitting fire there. The Whopper is made with fire."

Burger King | Whopper Island

"The islands was discovered in the mid-19th century and have been an Australian territory since 1947," notes Laura Esteves, vice president of creative at DM9. "We learned about it on Atlas and Google maps."

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Client: Burger King
Agency: DM9
Title: Whopper Island
CCO: Icaro Doria
COO: Thomas Tagliaferro
CEO: Pipo Calazans
Creative VP: Laura Esteves
Executive Creative Director: Nina Lucato
Head of art: Philippe Demar
Creation: Laura Esteves, Diego Guerhardt, Pedro Rosadas, Bruno Anibal, Caio Stucchi-Zucchi, Caique Llaguno, Gus Souza.
Content: Jader Crivellaro, Jussara Coutinho, Vitoria Merola.
Service: Michel Issa, Danielle Florido Aragon, Lonquem Lucio Alves, Fabiana Vieira.
Project Manager: Paula Lopes, Evelma Silva
Media: Renata Valio.
Electronic production: Anna Ferraz, Isabela Ximenes
Graphic production: Breno Ferreira, Flávio Rocco
Assembler / Editor: Thiago Hasegawa, Felipe Jardim
Sound Producer: Shuffle Audio
Illustration: Olho Bala
Approval: Juliana Cury, Pedro Henrique Laguardia, Juliana Gonçalves Monteiro, Guilherme Villa, Lucas Bayo

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