Breast Cancer Now Launches a Photo Exhibition in London With Some Help From AI

Engaging and growing its caring community

A U.K. charity has launched an AI-enhanced photography exhibition in London to support people with incurable secondary breast cancer and highlight the importance of research that can buy patients more time. Those battling the affliction appear in pictures on display.

Breast Cancer Now says approximately 61,000 folks live with the disease across Britain. Through this initiative, the organization seeks to engage its base and attract new audiences, particularly in the medical research community.

Agency BMB created the campaign, which also includes an online gallery, a documentary, videos and social media outreach.

The live event, taking place today and tomorrow at Saatchi Gallery, includes portraits by Jillian Edelstein. AI-generated images depicting possible future scenarios accompany the subjects' photos.

For example, we meet Nina in the first shot below. Then, courtesy of AI, we see Nina in times to come, walking with her daughter in Japan.

"We landed on the idea for the Gallery of Hope when we talked about how we might bring to life what that idea of more time actually means to real people who are living with this disease," says Bianca Eglinton, creative director at BMB. "The AI element helped us to envisage moments in the future, memories that haven't yet happened but that, with the help of ongoing research, could one day become a reality for people who are given a secondary breast cancer diagnosis."

"Events like this help us raise our profile so people can work with us to achieve our bold vision that by 2050 everyone with breast cancer lives and is supported to live well," adds Deanne Gardner, assistant director of brand, marketing and communications at Breast Cancer Now.

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