A Kids' Revolution From Penny, Plus Chanel Fisherwomen and Judgmental Fowl

Our weekly roundup of the ad scene in Europe

This week's European ad spotlight belongs to Penny. In "The Kids" by Serviceplan Munich, the world's children get sick of us for a bevy of reasons, and stage Greta Thunberg moments. The work continues Penny's holiday mission of amplifying overlooked voices, and will be supported by out-of-home collateral for Children's Rights Day on Nov. 20. The wishes of kids and teens will also be published via paid and owned media, and at points of sale. Last year, Penny gave us "The Rift," which feels more relevant than ever.

VCCP London enlisted a judgmental mallard for Keep Britain Tidy. Its job: enlighten people who drop cigarette butts, which account for 66 percent of England's litter. The approach is meant to "educate" smokers that butts are trash, without alienating them … hence the duck? They swear there was lots of psychology involved.

Turkey dinner is a common British holiday tradition, and PETA U.K. would like to end that right now. So, House 337 cast actor Jane Horrocks as an animated turkey that sings. Honestly, she's even judgier than the anti-litter duck. Obviously that doesn't mean she should die. One shouldn't expect victims to be perfect. It's just a weird approach. On the other hand, leaving us with mixed feelings is classic PETA.

For Argos in the U.K., The&Partnership presents "Dancer," starring Connie the doll grooving to "Le Freak" by Chic. The toy dinosaur Trevor tries to film her, but tech is not his forte. Briefly, we wondered whether a crossover movie between Chuckie and Toy Story could have legs.

"Unwrap Your Story" is Zalando's holiday ad by 72andSunny. It stars Chloë Sevigny, who is now a fashion designer. It features a visual "journal" of moments from her life, and ties multifaceted aspects of personhood to the diverse gifts you can purchase through this European version of Zappos.

Burger King France and Buzzman worked with the Papillons association on a campaign for anti-bullying day. The resto franchise greyed out one in 10 tables, self-checkout machines, crowns, bags, even letters in its windows. It did so to illustrate that while one grey thing in 10 leaps out, one bullied kid in 10 is less obvious. Profits from the Junior Menu on anti-bullying day were donated to Les Papillons.

Meet Baa-bour, who represents the British retailer Barbour in this quaint Shaun the Sheep 'toon. It's charming and apt, as Barbour's marketing strategy mostly lies in savvy, well-considered alliances with other brands. There's also a gift guide. Work by Journey Further.

We were overly delighted by "Find Your Dream Gift," created for Chanel Watches and Fine Jewelry by Omnicom in France. It's a luxury take on Bedknobs and Broomsticks. There's a magic bed, lush presents appear out of nowhere, and—best of all—nobody ever has to leave the sheets, which are always crisp. In one especially beautiful scene, the bed floats on the river under a full moon, and in front of the Château de Chenonceau, where the ad was filmed. Owls hoot as Yoon Young Bae fishes in her pyjamas (even the rod is Chanel!). The other models present are Kim Schell and Adesuwa Aighewi. This is the vibe we're starting our weekend with.

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