Bed Bath & Beyond Turns Bedrooms Into Dorm Rooms With 'College from Home'

Stylish makeovers just in time for fall classes

So, you want to turn your son or daughter's bedroom into a virtual dorm room as they pursue their education at home this fall.

To make that dream a reality, you could scatter greasy pizza boxes around the floor and let their sloshed friends crash for the weekend. Or you could trick out their study-caves with desks, chairs, organizers, lamps and other items from Bed Bath & Beyond's "College from Home" selection. 

Developed with sibling design service Decorist, the initiative launched last week, with the retailer providing three examples of room transformations.

"Chill Camp Vibes" certainly rates high honors…

…as does this "Low Key Bohemian" number:

And we'd love to pull an all-nighter amid the chic splendor of "Modern Glam":

If your offspring's room looked that fab, they might never leave home!

"Shopping for college is rite of passage and a memorable milestone as a family, whether the experience is in our stores or digital," Bed Bath & Beyond communications vice president Dominic Pendry tells Muse. "In our survey of college students, about seven in 10 students say decorating their dorm is important to them, and their dorm decor is an expression of self. Students shared that they seek to create a space to feel 'at home'—which is our core brand purpose and what we want to help them achieve."

"They need design guidance to create a conducive learning space," he adds. "With that in mind, and along with insights from current students, we designed these three rooms to set students up for academic success, as well as to be cozy, comfortable and personal."

The initiative feels in step with the Covid-driven reality of distance learning—for those who can afford it. (You can sign up for a Bed Bath & Beyond "College Savings Pass" and receive a 20 percent discount.)

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