A 6-Year-Old Designed the Brand Identity for This London Restaurant

Looking for a childlike logo? Ask a child!

The 9-year-old who designed Under Armour latest Steph Curry sneaker is going to feel pretty old when she hears that a 6-year-old has put his stamp on the brand identity of a London restaurant. 

The restaurant, Jolene, was looking for a "childlike" logo to communicate the simplicity of its food as well as its commitment to future generations through sustainable farming. So, graphic designer Frith Kerr of Studio Frith had her 6-year-old son give it a try. 

The result is a hand-drawn logotype that is quite obviously the work of a child. It appears on the restaurant's menu, as well as on canvas totes and paper carrier bags, and sewn onto curtains in the establishment, according to Dezeen. 

"The logotype's unfinished temperament plays on the aesthetic of the restaurant itself, with its rough-hewn plaster walls, warm ambient lighting and simple bentwood chairs," Studio Frith said. 

The boy did lots of variations. Kerr said she chose the one that had an "inimitable spacing and crescendo of elegant sans-serif capital letterforms." 

"I remember asking Frith to come up with a logo which would ... look naive, almost childish," said restaurateur Jeremie Cometto-Lingenheim, who opened Jolene in September. "When I received the draft, hand drawn by her then 6-year-old son, I could not have been happier."

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