Signs of Risk From Amnesty International in France

DDB Paris pulls no punches

Cyber attacks, vengeful angels and an irate White House play into DDB Paris' print and OOH campaign promoting a product some governments and organizations seek to discredit or destroy.

That would be Amnesty International's annual report, which details human rights abuses worldwide across its 200+ pages.

Its publication puts intense pressure on the NGO, making it "the target of criticism, threats and attacks," per campaign materials. "But these attempts to silence Amnesty International are also the best evidence of the impact of its independent investigative work."

DDB said it strove for "catchy slogans with a grating tone," designed to intrigue viewers and explain that "attacks that come from all corners of the world and all political sides."

The ads cover topics including:

  • The vandalization of Amnesty's offices.
  • Calls by the Vatican to stop donations to the group.
  • Hacks on its computer systems linked to a group associated with China.
  • Amnesty's expulsion from Russia.
  • Harassment of its staff by authorities in India.

It's a sad, sobering but unsurprising reminder of our intolerance and inhumanity.

But there's hope here, too. A watchdog stands guard, risking life and limb, bringing transgressions to light.

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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