Marcello Hernández Cameos in Buchanan's Tribute to 200%ers

Immigrant identity doesn't divide; it multiplies

Alongside Crispin Porter Bogusky, Buchanan's Blended Scotch Whisky has released its latest take on "We are the Spirit of the 200%." The campaign honors those who identify as 100 percent Hispanic and 100 percent American, and it features SNL's Marcello Hernández. The comedian operates out of Miami and has Cuban-Dominican roots, a theme in his work.

The ad itself speaks in a woman's voice. "What if I'm thankful for where I come from?" she wonders. The rest of her narration rolls in Spanglish, audibly mirroring the images onscreen: A chaotically vibrant modernity that doesn't just mash up cultures, but histories.

Because immigrant identity bleeds in both directions. Space and time are constantly renegotiated at a living, breathing center-point (the person).

The work is inspired by Brooklyn-born Boricua writer Elisabet Velásquez's poem "Can I Be Puerto Rican?" Thematically, it's a feel-good watch for many immigrants, Hispanic or otherwise. People of mixed identity often feel obliged to choose a camp, while simultaneously being told we don't fully belong anywhere.

Claiming the notion of the 200%er—augmenting your cultural selves instead of fracturing them—recasts that story. You don't have to walk through life ni de aquí, ni de allá (not from here, nor there). You can instead be de aquí y de allá (from here, and there).

"This campaign is meant to honor the 200%ers across the U.S. who are always finding unique and authentic ways to make Buchanan's Whisky a part of their celebrations," explains brand N.A. VP Josh Dean. "That's why we collaborated with our familia of 200% trailblazers to really showcase how diverse Hispanic Americans are and shining a light on these new traditions being created across communities."

The work includes participation from Kids of Immigrants, a brand and cultural collective/movement based in Los Angeles and designed to help people support one another in community contexts. It was co-founded by CEO Daniel Buezo (a Honduran-American) and Mexican-American creative director Debbie Gonzales. Other contributors include cultural archivists Djali Brown-Cepeda and Ricardo Castañeda of NuevaYorkinos, a platform that preserves the personal histories of Latino and Caribbean locals in New York. Lastly, there's Mexican-born and Dallas-based music curator DJ VRYWVY, who created the VRYLATIN and VRYBILINGUAL parties.

"'We Are the Spirit of the 200%" is supported by out-of-home takeovers in cities where Kids of Immigrants operates. There will also be themed Noche Buena events, dedicated to creating reimagined atmospheres for celebration.

"At Kids of Immigrants we're constantly creating innovative ways to incorporate pieces of our community's heritage and modern-day fashion trends within our designs," says Daniel Buezo. "That's what makes our partnership with Buchanan's so great. They allow us to be our authentic selves and true to our community, and this new campaign is a reflection of 200%ers from all places, united by their culture."

Buchanan's also partnered with Mexican-American bartenders Othón Nolasco and Damian Diaz of No Us Without You to concoct holiday-inspired cocktails to match seasonal dishes. These include the Piña Apple Cider and the Horchata DeLuxe.


Agency: Crispin Porter Bogusky
Production Company:
Post Production: Bliss
Audio Post Production: King Doudou
Music: King Doudou // United Masters // DJ VRYWVY
Composer: King Doudou // Napoles // Parrisfranz

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