Bryan Cranston Hypes a 'Men's Edition' Ford Explorer Lacking Important Features

Marking International Women's Day

In a :60 launched today, Bryan Cranston touts a lame-ass "Men's Only" Ford Explorer that comes without heaters, windshield wipers, turn signals, brake lights and GPS.

It's a faux ad, of course, and all of those features have something in common...

...they were developed by women. On International Women's Day, Ford seeks to honor overlooked female engineers, inventors and execs who've made a huge mark in the automotive industry.

Narrator Cranston doesn't demand that viewers say their names. But Ford will showcase the enduring contributions of these innovators and others on its social feeds during March, which is Women's History Month:

  • Florence Lawrence, pioneer of brake and turn signals.
  • Dorothy Levitt, creator of the rearview mirror.
  • Dorothée Pullinger, innovator of the rearview mirror.
  • Hedy Lamarr, innovator of the communication system used in cellular technology, WiFi and GPS (yes, she was also a Hollywood star).
  • Dr. Gladys West, pioneer of the modern-day GPS.

In a similar vein, Miller Lite cast Ilana Glazer in a campaign designed to spotlight the contributions of women brewers throughout history.

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