In the Netherlands, Milka and AI Create Personalized Tunes

With Dutch singer-rapper Snelle

Fans can't get their fave artists to create personalized music videos on the spot. Can they?

AI's like: Hold my beer.

Ogilvy Amsterdam and chocolate brand Milka recently harnessed three cutting-edge tech engines for a tuneful outing with Dutch singer-rapper Snelle. Once users scan QR codes and submit ideas for love songs—a single line will do—the tech generates short tuneful clips featuring the artist.

Ogilvy | Milka

Open AI, Uberduck and HeyGen produce the exact lyrics, Snelle voice and lip-synching, respectively.

Does it feel a tad artificial? Perhaps.

Still, there's no deception at play. We know the dude isn't creating each song on the fly, in a matter of seconds. It's clearly a digital manifestation, and impressive fun at that, designed to boost Gen-Z engagement and positive brand vibes.

The work launched around Valentine's Day, and has generated 70,000 site visits and 20,000 songs so far.

Those numbers, impressive for a Netherlands-only campaign, point toward marketing's future enfolding here and now, says Ogilvy CCO Tolga Buyukdoganay.

"As a creative industry, we've all had ideas that involve creating ‘personalized content' for our target groups," he tells Muse. "In the old days, you had to sit down and create each and every one of them manually. Now, with this integration of different AI engines, I do not see any limitations for content creation at scale. Personalized videos, songs, ads—anything is possible."

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