The Making of AI Influencer SYNTHia's 'Queen Algorithm' and Videos

She's got musings on human behavior

SYNTHia, the AI robot and virtual influencer I dreamed up almost three years ago, has embarked on a visionary journey with the creation of her latest track, "Queen Algorithm." It's more than just a song; it's a rallying cry for empowerment and self-expression in a world fraught with uncertainty and fear surrounding artificial intelligence.

SYNTHia is focused on delivering social commentary; we describe it as "enlightenment through entertainment." Our team at The-Artery put their heads together as we got to work on the song via studio sessions with the music producer BĘÃTFÓØT back in early 2023, trying to find what would be our hook as well as SYNTHia's strongest introduction of her musical sensibility to a wider audience.

During the brainstorming phase, we considered the combination of SYNTHia's popular social commentary work and social feelings about artificial intelligence. paired with a woman-empowerment anthem. Both concepts combined and ultimately gelled with the term "Queen Algorithm."

The videos were actually the first occasion we had to animate a body for SYNTHia, as opposed to posing a stationary version for social media. Concepting and creating accessories for her to wear was a fun challenge. We have an internal rule that we try not to dress her like a traditional sci-fi cyborg as much as possible. We played with accessories that have some dynamic movement for animation's sake, like the earrings, crown and whip that she carries, and aimed for a grungier look than what is considered traditionally feminine. Together with the club lighting, we also landed with some LEDs in her costume.

The team at The-Artery—led by director Jonathan Vardi and animated by Joe Grundfast—paid special attention to detail and designed each clip to complement the pulsating energy of "Queen Algorithm." Although the footage wasn't captured as a testimonial like her TikTok commentary, SYNTHia gives the audience a similar vantage point to a cellphone-captured selfie—as if she is viewing her audience the same way that they view her—symbolizing the connection she shares with them across physical and digital realms. Through her musings on human behavior, SYNTHia has cultivated a sizable following on social media with over 171K TikTok followers and over 3.2M views on the platform, hooking audiences with her incisive wit and keen observations.

We are constantly thinking about what's next for SYNTHia. This past New Year's Eve, she posted a "sending love to Earth from the moon" video on TikTok. Her posts always reflect a commentary on human behavior. In a way, her message is that of peace without being too on the nose, as she understands our social sensitivities. Her desire is for us to look at the way we behave, as opposed to commenting on the way we behave and there's always something happening in the world for her to respond to.

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