A.I. Reveals How Slaughtered Farm Animals Would Look if They Survived to Old Age

Fresh perspective from NotCo's Fernando Machado and AKQA Bloom

At vegan food brand NotCo, humans recently collaborated with A.I. to help farm animals, which rarely live anywhere near as long as they should. We're speaking of livestock, slaughtered in their youth—often during infancy—to put meat on the world's tables.

But cows' natural life expectancy is 48 years, while pigs and chickens can make it past 20. To raise awareness, NotCo and AKQA Bloom used A.I. to create ads showing how such creature would look if allowed to age with dignity.

"I have seen many A.I. ideas these days. But, honestly, most of them use A.I. for the sake of using A.I.," NotCo CMO Fernando Machado tells Muse. "That's natural, since the technology is so hot now. In the case of NotCo, our entire company is anchored in A.I. We use a patented AI called Giuseppe to create all our plant-based products. So, using A.I. to invite people to imagine a future that currently doesn't exist was a very strong fit."

The images will grace social media, billboards and print ads in the U.S., Chile, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Argentina.

In terms of boosting the brand, "We have lots of die-hard fans, but many people still need to know our story," Machado says. "Our aim with this campaign is to appeal to people who care about the environment. The campaign is an invitation to imagine a better future by reflecting about the current state of the food industry today."

Machado knows all about that, having steered campaigns for Burger King and Popeyes (among others) before joining NotCo. Based in Chile, his current employer offers products including NotMilk, NotBurger, NotMeat, NotIceCream, NotChicken and NotMayo.


AKQA Bloom
Founder & ECD: Jean Zamprogno & Fernando Pellizzaro
Group Account Director: Silvia Brihy
Creative Director:  Rodolfo Fernandes
Strategy Director: Emma Riley
Copywriter: Giovanna Pereira
Art Director: Seine Kongruangkit
PR Director: Haley Hammerling
Senior Producer: Gabrielle Levy
Senior Project Manager: Leandro Santini.
AI Artist: Jean Zamprogno
Photographer: Leandro Viana
Retouch: Fuze Image
Production Company: ArtClass Content

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