TikToker Reesa Teesa's 'Who TF Did I Marry?' Resonates With BMW, Delta, Hilton

She provides a masterclass in storytelling

Brands have begun to notice Reesa Teesa's "Who TF Did I Marry?" That's because a good story, simply told, can be immensely compelling.

Even the brightest creative minds need to be reminded of this rule every once in a while.

So, if you work in advertising, put aside the industry case studies, grab your phone and dive into Reesa Teesa's epic TikTok series, which has begun making waves in a major way.

@reesamteesa Who TF Did I Marry- Introduction #reesateesa #fyp #series ♬ original sound - ReesaTeesa

In case you've missed the week of intense hype, the Atlanta-based creator has captivated millions by unspooling her take on dating, marrying and divorcing a man who wasn't the person he claimed to be.

The saga churns with drama, suspense and humor as Teesa shares this IRL soap opera in 50 shareable 10-minute installments.

To hell with production values! Teesa films her posts in her car, at home, while doing her hair. There are zero bells and whistles, exotic locations or special effects. None are needed because Teesa's tale is so darn compelling.

She's also relatable, speaking to the camera as though addressing friends. She's letting us all in on a big secret that she's finally ready to share. It's impossible not to lean in and want to hear more.

Beyond demonstrating the power of a good story, the success of "Who TF Did I Marry?" also reveals that TikTok itself needs to be taken seriously as a storytelling platform and not simply a place for one-off product placements. Teesa and her millions of followers are proof that people will invest their time watching a longer series on TikTok.

Some brands are already all in. Delta and Hilton are sponsoring her upcoming trip to London and Paris, dream destinations she talked about in "Who TF Did I Marry?"

@bmw We hear you @ReesaTeesa #BMWlove #BMWX5 #fy #BMW ♬ Ted Low Rider - I Green Screen Things

And it looks like BMW is coming through with Teesa's dream car—a dark blue BMW X5 with a cognac interior that her ex failed to buy for her despite promising to do so.

Beyond giving her gifts, it will be interesting to see if any brands actually hire Teesa—and other content creators like her—to craft longer-form stories. Who better to go to than someone who has a proven track record? 

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