Brands Should Meet These TikTok Creators Who Talk to Strangers

NYC apartment tours, free haircuts and modeling ops

TikTok creators who have the chutzpah and finesse to talk to strangers and engage them in meaningful activities are valuable brand ambassadors no matter what you're trying to sell. 

Here, we introduce three TikTokers who use their gift of gab to connect with people in creative ways…


If you live in New York City, you are likely curious about how much rent your neighbors pay. Though perhaps you're are too polite to inquire. Thankfully, Caleb Simpson isn't. He dares to pose that nosy question to strangers on the street. And what's surprising—and delightful—is how many of these New Yorkers readily tell this guy exactly how much they're forking over every month, then welcome him into their homes for apartment tours. He even tries out their beds. A charming, intrepid guide, Simpson has 7.6 million followers joining him to check out Big Apple apartments ranging from an 80-square-foot studio that goes for $1,750 a month to a massive 2,500-square-foot Soho space. (Model Haley Kalil shells out $17,000 for that one.) Of late, Simpson has also started talking his way into homes in Los Angeles, Paris, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong.


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Vic Blends (aka Victor Fontanez) is a barber from Fayetteville, N.C., who approaches people on the street and offers them free haircuts and beard trims. Those who say yes sit on folding chairs and get fresh new 'dos right then and there, in public, wherever they happen to be. But this tattooed barber is also seeking a deeper connection. He gets to know the people sitting in his chair, inquiring about their lives, their hopes and their dreams. He also shares wisdom and encouragement. More than 14 million followers are enjoying his soulful conversations with dads who want to be role models for their sons, kids who aspire to be engineers and athletes, and veterans whose training has taught them how to overcome obstacles. (Vic connects with lots of other folks, too).


Wait till the end, its worth it 🥹 as men we always feel the need to provide and never ask for help, that expectation will get overwhelming sometimes, its alright to let your village support you 🙏🏼

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"Have you ever modeled before?" When a guy comes up to you on the street and hits you with that line, most people are going to be like, "Get away from me." But Mr. NYC Subway has a way of asking the question without seeming like a weirdo. And he's legit. The photographer, whose name is Andreas Verrios, actually turns the people he scouts on the streets, often in Soho, into models for brands like Takis, Goorin Bros. and Banana Republic. It's fascinating to watch this photog approach potential subjects and overcome their skepticism by proving his bona fides. Those who say yes take part in 15-to-30-minute photo shoots on subway platforms. While most of his subjects have never modeled before, people shine for Mr. NYC Subway's camera.

@mrnycsubway @Pharaoh Da Gawd tried @Takis new Intense Nacho flavor and based on his smile during the photo shoot, it appears that he liked their insanely cheesy taste! #TakisPartner #TakisIntenseNacho ♬ Wild - Steve Aoki & Vini Vici
Christine Champagne
Muse contributor Christine Champagne is a writer based in NYC.

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