Brands Should Meet These TikTok Creators Who Live for K-Pop

An avid concertgoer, a dancer with all the moves, and a beauty expert

The biggest K-pop stars enjoy massive followings on TikTok. BTS has more than 61 million followers, and Blackpink boasts nearly 50 million. Meanwhile, countless fans hang out on the platform. They celebrate the genre in all its glory, from dazzling concerts and music videos, to sharp choreography and fashion ranging from streetwear and sportswear to pure luxury. 

Below, we spotlight three TikTokers creating K-pop content that keeps their followers screaming for more.


Ale lives for live shows and takes 400,000 peeps along for the ride. In recent months, this Los Angeles-based creator has documented her travels to Monterrey, Mexico, and Toronto to see P1Harmony. She also chronicled splurging on VIP tickets for Twice perform in Los Angeles and Oakland. Ale reps her K-pop style through fun GRWM (get ready with me) videos and shares dance tutorials.

@boymeetsale twice concert vlog is up on my youtube channel! 🫶🏼 #twice #twice_5th_world_tour #kpopconcert #kpopvlog #concertvlog ♬ original sound - ale

Juju stays in step with every new development in K-pop dance routines as a member of Barcelona's EST Crew (they recreate the choreography that accompanies K-pop hits.) The dance pro just scored her dream gig, appearing in a music video for "ETA," the latest single from NewJeans. At last count, the clip, which dropped in July, is already up to 17 million views on YouTube. When Juju isn't shooting music videos or dancing on the streets of Barcelona, she struts her stuff at home to entertain more than 142,000 fans.

@juju.kcovers I still don’t believe it! I'm so happy that I got the opportunity to appear in a NewJeans MV✨ @NewJeans 🐰 #newjeans #eta #newjeanseta #etanewjeans #뉴진스 #newjeans_supershy #newjeans_getup #time_to_newjeans #hanni #minji #danielle #haerin #hyein #comeback #nwjns #bunnies #barcelona #dance #kdance #dancer #KPop #kpoper #kcoverist #kpoptiktok #kpopfyp ♬ ETA - NewJeans

Jenny Moon's TikTok account is not exclusively devoted to K-pop makeup trends. Even so, this NYC-based skincare and beauty expert does cover the subject in depth. In addition to comparing K-pop looks in the 2010s vs. the 2020s, Moon offers her 230,000+ followers a tutorial on eyelashes, and reveals how pros who work with the stars use base makeup to achieve shimmery skin.

@kbootyjenny kpop aint the same anymore… miss the old eras tbh #kpopmakeup #koreanmakeup #trendingmakeup ♬ 내가 제일 잘 나가 - 2NE1
Christine Champagne
Muse contributor Christine Champagne is a writer based in NYC.

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