Brands Should Meet These Cool Cats on TikTok

Prepare yourself for paws, claws and awwws

Pet influencers, including cat content creators, are wildly popular on TikTok. They make appealing partners for brands seeking to take a bite out of the massive U.S. pet-product market.

According to an American Pet Products Association survey, owners spent nearly $137 billion on their animals in 2022. That number is expected to reach $143.6 billion this year.

We're just scratching the surface, but here are three cat-centric TikTok influencers clawing their way to the top:


Emily adopted Ella from a shelter and quickly learned that the senior cat likes to watch television. A lot. In fact, Ella can't wait for her family to get up in the morning to turn on the TV, which means Emily doesn't sleep in much these days. Ella's taste varies. She loves nature documentaries, of course, and cartoons, including ABC's Saturday morning classic Schoolhouse Rock. Her favorite movie is The Grinch starring Benedict Cumberbatch. And Netflix is Ella's catnip—she literally comes running and plops down in front of the TV the second she hears "tudum." The streamer might want to consider giving this feline telephile her own show. Nearing 750,000 followers, Ella has a built-in audience who love to watch her watching TV.

@ellawatchestv_ I love my days with her #catsoftiktok #tiktokcats #petsoftiktok #cattok #catwatchingtv ♬ original sound - ice spice

The father/son bond Abram Engle has built with his cat Kurt runs deep. So much so, that Abram made a Father's Day video last month to celebrate their relationship. Kurt was a stray when Abram brought him home, and he regularly encourages his 9.6 million followers to adopt felines from local shelters. A great source of advice for new cat parents, Abram shares lots of practical information, like how to make your cat comfortable on a car trip and how to trim kitty's claws. He also has lots of fun with his furry son, building everything from an indoor beach to a ball pit. Kurt is lucky to spend his nine lives with this adoring cat dad.


happy fathers day to all the cat dads out there 🫶🏻

♬ original sound - Abram Engle

Mr. Kitters is a cat and, dare I say, documentary filmmaker, who chronicles his outdoor adventures for an audience of 2.6 million followers with a camera he wears around his neck. Given his height, Mr. Kitters' perspective tends to be low to the ground. But he does visit the roof of his family's house to capture wider vistas. While Mr. Kitters films the occasional human, like the cyclist who rides by the house, this suburban cat is mostly interested in capturing the lives of his feline friends, who show off their tree-climbing skills and pad across trampolines in his films. Through his work, Mr. Kitters offers a cat's-eye view of the world that we normally wouldn't get to see because, unfortunately, we aren't cats. Lost and found 🧸🐈‍⬛ #fyp ♬ original sound - Mr. Kitters the Cat
Christine Champagne
Muse contributor Christine Champagne is a writer based in NYC.

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