Brands Should Get to Know These TikTok Travel Gurus

A flight attendant, a 'travel bestie' and a city boy who loves to surf

If you're a travel brand, you can't ignore TikTok. The app has 150 million users in the United States and influences trends more every day. 

Sixty percent of TikTok users who took part in a new survey conducted by tourism marketing agency MGH said they became interested in visiting new places after watching videos on the platform about various ports of call. Millennials (ages 25 to 44) are particularly driven by TikTok, with 45 percent of those surveyed reporting that they traveled to a new destination because they had seen it on the app.

With that in mind, meet three TikTok travel influencers who are making standout content...


Flying is stressful. But Cici's got your back. This flight attendant, with some 250,000 followers on TikTok, shares helpful advice to make flying—and travel in general—less of a hassle. In recent posts, she recommends the best website for aviation updates, shares tips for anxious fliers and explains why we shouldn’t take it personally when gate agents make us check our bags. Cici will also teach you how to MacGyver your hotel doors with coat hangers to bar intruders. Knowledgeable and direct, Cici is serious about her followers' comfort and safety.

@cici.inthesky 1. Understand the facts: The first step towards overcoming the fear of flying is to understand the facts. Understand that flying is one of the safest modes of travel. Research and gather information on the safety standards and measures taken by airlines to ensure your safety. 2. Identify your specific fears: Identify what specifically causes your fear of flying. Is it turbulence, takeoff, or landing? Once you know what triggers your fear, you can begin to work on overcoming it. 3. Learn relaxation techniques: Learn relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, or visualization. Practice these techniques regularly, even when not flying, to help calm your mind and body. 4. Speak to a professional: Seek the help of a mental health professional who specializes in treating anxiety disorders. They can help you to develop coping mechanisms and provide techniques to manage your fear. 5. Get familiar with the flying process: Familiarize yourself with the flying process by watching videos, reading blogs, or taking a tour of the airport. Knowing what to expect can help to reduce your anxiety. 6. Choose a comfortable seat: Choose a seat that makes you feel the most comfortable. Some people prefer aisle seats, while others prefer window seats. Choose a seat that makes you feel the most secure. 7. Distract yourself: Distract yourself during the flight with activities such as reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to music. This can help to take your mind off of your fear. 8. Practice exposure therapy: Gradually expose yourself to your fear of flying by taking short flights or even visiting an airport without flying. Gradual exposure can help to reduce your fear over time. 9. Celebrate your accomplishments: Celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small they may be. Overcoming a fear of flying is a significant achievement, and it's important to recognize and celebrate your progress. By following these steps, you can gradually overcome your fear of flying and enjoy the benefits of air travel #fearofflying #anxiousflyer #fearofflying✈ ♬ original sound - Sharing All Things Travel

Alea Simone quit her job in 2019 to travel the world. Living the dream, she has explored Iceland, Fiji, Egypt, Guatemala, Thailand and Portugal, among other places, and earns her living as a travel influencer, creator and consultant with more than 600,000 followers. A self proclaimed "travel bestie,” Alea offers insights on destinations where she has felt safe as a Black woman, plus tips for first-time cruisers. She also explains why everyone should sign up for Global Entry. Alea stands out among travel TikTokkers for showing us real life as opposed to social media perfection, whether it's a rough start to a paragliding takeoff, or a humorous sandboarding fail in Egypt. 

@thetraveltauruss Traveling While Black in Egypt 🇪🇬 my experience.. I didn’t know this was even an issue or concern but since I’ve gotten a few questions I figured I would share my experience. NGL, I was very apprehensive about taking another trip to Egypt due to my previous travel experience over a decade ago but I’m glad I went! I spent a few days solo (with a tour guide of course) before my friend joined me so that I could get a second opinion on the experience. Both my friend and I (pictured in the video) had an overall good experience traveling Egypt as two black women from America. I was warned previously by my guide that I may be called brown sugar but was assured that this is not an insult of any kind. Other names you can expect to be called while black in Egypt are Cousin, Sista and possibly Habibi if they really like you 🙃. I’m gearing up to take a group of black travelers to Egypt in a few weeks so I am quite interested in how their experience will be. Have you been black in Egypt? What was your experience? Comment below! *All personal experiences are welcome good or bad* Follow @TheTravelTaurus for more travel tips, Inspo, and adventures! #thetraveltaurus #thetraveltaurusinegypt #travelegypt #egypttravel #egyptvacation #travelingwhileblack #blacktravel #blacktravelinfluencer #blacktraveler #blackgirltraveler #blackgirltravel #egypt #egypttraveltours ♬ original sound - Alea S | Travel Tips & Advice

Nearing 100,000 followers, Caleb Hill is the guy to turn to if you're looking for the perfect first date spot, the hottest wine bar, or the best $5 sandwich in NYC. The Big Apple resident also travels extensively and has posted detailed accounts of his visits to Portugal, Bali and Jamaica. During the pandemic, Caleb booked a life-changing one-way flight to El Salvador and stayed until he learned how to surf. Surfing has become his passion and adds a special purpose to his travels. He encourages followers to learn how to surf, or have a go at whatever it is they're dying to try. It's impossible not to be captivated by Caleb’s enthusiasm for new experiences.

@calebthill El Salvador 🙏🏻🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏻‍♀️❤️🇸🇻 #elsalvador #centralamerica #dontskipelsalvador #travelideas #traveltok #traveltiktok #budgettravel #underratedplaces #pupusas #surftrip #surftok ♬ Che La Luna - Louis Prima with Sam Butera & The Witnesses
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