Brands Should Break Bread With These TikTok Food Creators

A baker of sweet treats, a sandwich enthusiast and a chef who makes cooking approachable

The fastest way to a consumer's stomach may very well be through a TikTok video. 

Food creators are stars on the social media platform's menu, sharing recipes and offering tutorials as well as introducing followers to restaurants.

Of note: A recent survey conducted by marketing agency MGH revealed that more than 53 percent of TikTok's millennial users in the United States (and 38 percent of platform users of all ages) have visited or ordered from a restaurant after seeing it featured on TikTok.

Here, we introduce you to three food creators serving up all kinds of satisfying content...


Let's start with dessert. Christian Paul is an Atlanta-based baker, cake decorator and chocolatier who makes yummy treats for an audience of more than 1.4 million followers. Every post on his TikTok account features a truly delectable dish—think bakery-style fudge brownies, tiramisu and pink chocolate donuts. He also makes salted hazelnut biscotti, mini coconut bundt cakes and homemade Pop-Tarts-style treats that he promises taste like the real thing, and we believe him. Paul, who sells gourmet handmade chocolates via Christian Paul Co., loves to share his knowledge. He posts all of his recipes on his blog and offers cake decorating and baking classes. 


Bakery Styled Iced Fudge Brownies

♬ original sound - Christian Paul

Staley Lane is one of the most versatile food creators on TikTok, appealing to anyone who has an appetite for variety. Baklava French toast, fettuccine alfredo, Cajun salmon bites, tuna poke, waffle fry nachos, Korean BBQ cheeseburgers, quinoa salad… These are just a few of the tasty dishes the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based chef has shared with her nearly 830,000 followers. Lane always uses affordable ingredients in her recipes and is all about proving that anyone can cook delicious meals. She also has fun with food, getting in on the copycat trend with taste-alike recipes for McDonald's hash browns and Panda Express chow mein.

@saucedupfoods Dinner is on me tonight! Full recipe in bio! #pasta #cheesypasta #easyrecipes #dinnerrecipes #familyrecipes ♬ Write This Down - Instrumental - SoulChef

Hoping to overcome her shyness, Katie Skare joined TikTok last year and invited strangers to accompany her on sandwich dates in New York City. Soon enough, she was dining to her heart's delight, on fare ranging from New Orleans-style fried chicken clubs to Italian Emilianas, with new friends. These include Today weatherman Al Roker, who joined her for a BLT. One of Skare's culinary meetups, Ricky, became her boyfriend. The duo just moved to Atlanta, where Share embarked on a fresh round of sandwich dates. With nearly 20,000 followers, she plans to go global with her sampling quest, surely making even more well-fed pals along the way.

@24twentyfourhours Croque Madame with Hope! @Hope Elizabeth #foodtiktok #atlantafoodie #foodie #atl #sandwiches #sandwichesoftiktok #sandwichdate #inmanpark ♬ original sound - Katie
Christine Champagne
Muse contributor Christine Champagne is a writer based in NYC.

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