FCB's Liz Taylor on Diversity, Innovation and Her Love of Budweiser Ads

Seeing 'Whassup' with the Chicago CCO

Liz Taylor, chief creative officer at FCB Chicago, says she's facing two major challenges in her work at the moment. 

"One is desperately trying to become an industry that is more open to diversity," she told Muse at Clio judging in Germany last month. "I'm working really closely with our HR to see how we can recruit differently. I don't think we'll change if we don't change from that. The other [challenge] is that everybody wants everything faster and cheaper—and just to make sure that creativity is what we're in the industry of, and reminding people of that." 

Check out our "Creative Portraits" interview with Liz below, in which she also touches on the topic innovation in direct and experiential, and reveals a person and a place that are deeply meaningful to her. 

She also gives a shout-out to not one but two Budweiser campaigns—one recent and one classic—that she found particular inspiring. 

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