How to Create Quickly Without Losing Your Mind

Try this exercise to help you open up and create quickly

The ad world does its best to force you to crank out tons of ideas as quickly as possible. Then there are all the meetings, reviews and other tasks. Things pile up.

On a good day it's a manageable problem. On a bad day it's just a problem.

Tack on crappy sleep, no exercise, too much coffee. It all stops you from performing at your best.

Then your inner critic kicks in and it's double the trouble. Click the vid for some major reframes that will help you open up and create quickly. I'll even point you towards a one minute exercise that's bound to amplify your joyful childlike creativity.

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Jeff Leisawitz
Jeff Leisawitz is a Clio Gold and Cannes Lion Gold award-winning creative consultant and a life coach for creatives of every flavor. Book a complementary call to step up your game:

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