Expert Tips for Boosting Creativity (and Maintaining Your Sanity)

Life coach Jeff Leisawitz breaks it down

Each month, we offer insights and advice to help maximize your creativity. These tips cut across career levels and disciplines. They're designed to get your juices flowing, spark conversations and put the process in perspective.

Success takes lots of time and effort. Sometimes, you might feel like tossing in the towel. But remember: Others have faced the same roadblocks and challenges. You can learn from their experience, improve your skills and achieve more than ever before. You're not in this alone.

All videos in this series live here. Below, we present some notable episodes.

How to Overcome Creative Blocks

If you smash up against a creative block and there's a deadline looming, it's big trouble. No time to hope for the best. You need to get over, get through, or get around the block. Fast. Here's the good news. There are psychological and physiological hacks to help you overcome creative blocks.

Play it Unsafe: Risks Can Yield Major Rewards

Take a breath and evaluate the situation. Be bold! Be courageous! And when you want something more, aspire to something bigger, want changes and different outcomes, go right ahead and play it unsafe.

Create Quickly, Without Losing Your Mind

Click the vid for some major reframes that will help you open up and create quickly. I'll even point you towards a one minute exercise that's bound to amplify your joyful childlike creativity.

Balancing Security and Freedom 

Everybody needs a different balance of security and freedom, and that's fine. Knowing where your boundaries and comfort zone are around this concept will help you tremendously as a creative and a human navigating the twists and turns of your life. When you find the balance, you'll light up with both the sense of security that you need, and the creative space that fires up your heart.

The Non-Negotiable Nature of Time and Creativity

When you take a few minutes to actually evaluate your time, you just might notice that you're wasting or misdirecting some of it on a daily basis. It's super easy to fall into these traps. It takes conscious intention to see what's up and tweak your world, your schedule and your habits.

Crush on the Creative Process

What if we focused on the doing rather than the thing? It might sound like a slight tweak of your attention, but it's huge. Call it mindfulness, call it crushing on the process, call it tapping into the flow. It will change everything. 

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