See All the Top Winners From the 2023 Clio Health Awards

'The Postponed Day' and 'Eyedar' lead the way with a pair of Grands

The Clio Health Awards bestowed 11 Grand Clios to nine campaigns Wednesday night, honoring the best healthcare marketing of the past year.

"The Postponed Day" from LALCEC and "Eyedar" for Horizon Therapeutics won two Grands each. Seven other campaigns also tallied. The following agencies and companies took home coveted "Of the Year" prizes:

  • Network of the Year: IPG Health
  • Agency of the Year: Area 23, an IPG Health Co.
  • Independent Agency of the Year: Klick Health
  • Advertiser of the Year: Horizon Therapeutics

In addition, Molly Burke—speaker, content creator, model, author and advocate—was presented with an Honorary Award for her work in the wellness space.

Check out the nine Grand-winning campaigns below, and to see all the winners from this year's Clio Health Awards, visit

Horizon Therapeutics, "Eyedar"
Entrant Company: Area 23, an IPG Health Co.
Grand Clio:Design (Pharmaceutical)
Grand Clio: Creative Use of Data (Pharmaceutical)

This app allows blind people to visualize the world with sound. It maps a person's physical environment, then generates a 3D soundscape of those surroundings. As one approaches objects, pitch and volume vary to signify size, shape, distance and direction.


LALEC, "The Postponed Day"
Entrant Company: Grey Argentina
Grand Clio: Creative Effectiveness (Health Awareness & Advocacy)
Grand Clio: Public Relations (Health Awareness & Advocacy)

Thousands of women in Argentina put off getting their annual mammograms. So, 30 NGOs banded together to postpone International Breast Cancer Awareness Day over and over and over. Media coverage generated attention for the cause, and free mammograms were offered throughout the two-week delay.

Postponed Day

Samsung Spain, " Samsung Unfear"
Entrant Company: Cheil Spain S.L.
Grand Clio:
Creative Effectiveness (Health Awareness & Advocacy)

For people on the autism spectrum, certain noises can trigger panic attacks. Noise cancelling headphones help, but isolate the user at the same time. So, Samsung created headphones that remove stressful noises from the environment and allow other sounds through. It also modulates tones on phones, allowing users to play games that were previously not an option.

Samsung | Unfear

Koushi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., "SHELLMET"
Entrant Company: TBWA\HAKUHODO
Grand Clio:
Design (Consumer Brand Health Initiative)

Tons of discarded shells in a Japanese fishing village were causing massive soil erosion. These shells were turned to powder, then pellets, and eventually into SHELLMETs, hard hats that protect fishermen, construction workers, cyclists and skateboarders. All told, 24 tons of shells were upcycled.


AROYA, "Freedom Grams"
Grand Clio:
Design (Health Awareness & Advocacy)

An astounding 40,000 people remain in jail for cannabis possession. This initiative seeks to free many of these prisoners. Each package tells the story of a person in jail. Material inside each package equals the amount of cannabis that person was jailed for possessing. All proceeds support The Last Prisoner Project.

Freedom Grams

PAWS N.Y., "The Bridge"
Entrant Company: Klick Health
Grand Clio:
Film Craft (Health Awareness & Advocacy)

Do we save our pets or do they save us? PAWS NY launched "The Bridge" to answer that question. The animated video was set to Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" and follows a man who has suicidal thoughts. He meets a stray dog, and the pair change each other's lives for the better.

The Bridge

NextMed Health, "Lifesaving Radio"
Entrant Company: Klick Health
Grand Clio:
Audio (Health Institutions & Services)

Mistakes during surgery are the third-leading cause of death worldwide. So, NextMed Health created "Lifesaving Radio." This A.I. radio station uses the rhythm of rock music, especially AC/DC, to improve surgical performance. An album, "Highway to Heal," has been streamed for 40,000 hours.

Lifesaving Radio

Lámh Signs Ireland, "The Lámh Project"
Entrant Company: Ringers Creative
Grand Clio:
Public Relations (Health Institutions & Services)

Lámh is a sign system in Ireland that helps people with intellectual disabilities communicate with others. This project imagines a world where everyone can say "hello" to everyone else. On social media, newscasts and late-night shows in Ireland, using Lámh became a mainstream activity. Now, more than 20 percent of the country knows how to sign "hello."

Lamh Project

Moons, "The Cure Cup"
Entrant Company: 21GRAMS
Grand Clio:
Innovation (Pharmaceutical)

Stem cells provide a pathway to curing diseases, but retrieving them is an invasive process. Period blood is rich in stem cells, and this campaign encourages donations by adding a special lid that contains an anti-coagulant. Users fasten the lid, release the anti-coagulant, then place the cup inside a special kit for shipment to researchers.

Cure Cup

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