See All the Top Winners From the 2022 Clio Health Awards

'Bread Exam' leads the way with a pair of Grands

The Clio Health Awards handed out nine Grand Clios to eight campaigns Wednesday night, as the show honored the best in healthcare marketing from the past year.

"The Bread Exam," for Spinneys and the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation, led the way with two Grands. Seven other campaigns won a Grand each. The following agencies and companies won the coveted "of the year" awards:

  • Network of the Year: IPG Health
  • Agency of the Year: Area 23, an IPG Health Company
  • Independent Agency of the Year: L&C
  • Advertiser of the Year: Dole Sunshine Company

In addition, Jay Shetty—author, podcaster and chief purpose officer at Calm—was presented with an Honorary Award for his work in the healthcare space.

Check out the eight Grand-winning campaigns below, and to see all the winners from this year's Clio Health Awards, visit

Spinneys and the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation, 'The Bread Exam'

Entrant Company: McCann Paris
Grand Clio: Branded Entertainment & Content (Health & Wellness)
Grand Clio: Public Relations (Health & Wellness)

Tradition prevented Lebanese women from talking openly about their bodies, so showing them how to perform a self-exam without mentioning or showing breasts was a challenge. This campaign cleverly respected tradition, while also circumventing it, by embracing one of the oldest customs in the world: baking bread.

The Bread Exam

Unilever, 'Degree Inclusive'

Grand Clio: Design (Health & Wellness)
Entrant Company: Wunderman Thompson Argentina

Deodorant is something most of us take for granted. Yet if you're disabled, doing things the rest of us give little thought to—unscrewing the cap on a roll-on or pressing a spray—is a real challenge. Degree, whose inclusive purpose is to "inspire confidence in everyone to move more," revolutionized deodorant design to include everyone, however they are able to move.

Degree Inclusive

Pfaff Harley-Davidson, 'Tough Turban'

Grand Clio: Innovation (Health & Wellness)
Entrant Company: Zulu Alpha Kilo

Turban-wearing Sikh motorcyclists are now exempt from helmet laws in provinces across Canada. For some, this creates a difficult choice between the protection offered by a helmet and the deep significance of a Turban to the Sikh identity. With this community of riders in mind, Pfaff Harley-Davidson introduced the first impact-resistant turban. Layered with bulletproof composite fabric, foam that hardens on impact and 3-D printed armour, the open-source Tough Turban empowers riders to protect who they are.

Tough Turban: an open-source design made for motorcycling

Samsung, 'The Cost of Bullying'

Grand Clio: Experience/Activation (Consumer Brand Health Initiative)
Entrant Company: Cheil PengTai Beijing

In China, online gaming has exploded. But so has bullying, with one in two gamers having at some point been bullied when playing online. To combat this, Samsung hacked Magic Quest, the biggest game of the year—monitoring the game's "abusive language detection system" and raising the price of in-game goods for players who are bullying.

Samsung | The Cost of Bullying

Danish Road Safety Council, 'Helmet has always been a good idea'

Grand Clio: Social Media (Health & Wellness)
Entrant Company: &Co. / NoA

Half of Danish adults fail to put on a helmet when biking, despite the fact that around 70 percent of all serious road traffic injuries in Denmark happen to cyclists. To encourage the bike-loving Danes to up their bike-helmet game, the Danish Road Safety Council created a comical film introducing Svend and Hjalmar and the rest of their Viking village in the year 893. While the Viking leader, Svend, and his fellow Vikings are about to set sail to go raid and plunder in England, Svend refuses to wear his helmet because—among a long list of poor excuses—it wrecks his hair. 

Danish Road Safety Council | Helmet has always been a good idea

Columbia Journalism Review, 'The Inevitable News'

Grand Clio: Experience/Activation (Health & Wellness)
Entrant Company: Area 23, An IPG Health Company

To illuminate journalists to the flaws in their repetitive gun violence coverage, CJR created The Inevitable News, a newspaper that covered every mass shooting over the last 3 years—synthesized into one single article. The Inevitable News served as an invitation for journalists to join the Gun Violence News Summit, a landmark event that brought together influential leaders representing the likes of The New York Times and The Washington Post, in order to forever change the way their industry covers gun violence.

Columbia Journalism Review | The Inevitable News

Justin Edinburgh 3 Foundation, 'The Extra Time Badge'

Grand Clio: Out of Home (Health & Wellness)
Entrant Company: The Leith Agency

When suffering a sudden cardiac arrest, every minute without CPR and de-fibrillation decreases your chance of survival by around 10 percent. Yet, despite this, over 38 percent of adults in the U.K. are unlikely to perform CPR due to a lack of training of a lack of training. The Extra Time Badge educates young footballers, coaches and parents in the key steps of CPR. Applied on kits, the badge becomes accessible to all and means that players have a life saving guide exactly where and when they need it most.

Extra Time Badge

Dole Sunshine Company, 'Malnutrition Facts'

Grand Clio: Out of Home (Consumer Brand Health Initiative)
Entrant Company: L&C

Dole is on a mission to reduce food waste and give access to healthy food to 1 billion people by 2025. Based on data, the brand noticed that New York's trash hides a dark secret: 3.9 million tons of food ends up in the trash every year—while one in nine New Yorkers go hungry every day. So, Dole turned an old symbol of waste into a new tool to fight hunger, using trash bags and trash containers to showcase these shocking facts and raise awareness for this global issue.

Dole | Malnutrition Labels
Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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