'Hug Your Mom' Wins Emerging Creative Clio Award, Presented by Jukin

UGC tugs at heartstrings for good causes

The winner of this year's Emerging Creative Clio Award, sponsored by Jukin, goes to Santiago Cardós for his video, "Hug Your Mom."

Cardós, a copywriter based in Mexico City, created the 60-second video using UGC videos from Jukin's library of content.

"Hug Your Mom" promotes Mental Health America and illustrates the importance of hugs, especially for moms, with an estimated one in 10 suffering from depression.

2023 Jukin Winner | Hug Your Mom

"Clio is an incredible institution, it's a great honor to receive this award and get the space to create awareness about this worldwide problem," says Cardós ."This is definitely a great step in my career. Special thanks, to all those mentors who support and believe in me. Thank you, to each and every one of you."

The winning campaign was selected by the Clio Brand Jury and will be presented to Cardós on stage at the 2023 Annual Clio Awards on April 25. If you'd like to attend the 2023 Clio Awards, you can purchase tickets here.

Travel and accommodations will be provided by Jukin. Cardós will be given the chance to work with Jukin on a branded content campaign and will receive $10,000 to be split between him and the cause of his choice.

"We are thrilled to award the first Jukin Emerging Creative Award to Santiago Cardós," Roland Hamilton, one of this year's Clio Awards Brand Jurors and SVP global licensing at Jukin Licensing, a Division of TMB. Santiago's video illustrates the power of a hug and shines a light on the prevalence of depression among moms. The emotional video, created using UGC clips from the Jukin Licensing library of over 100,000 videos, is a great example of how commercial directors can use UGC to tell poignant stories using authentic videos made by real people. We look forward to working with Santiago to help him create a branded content video and to helping him support his favorite charity.

Three shortlisted videos, seen below, used UGC to bring attention to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), Postpartum.net and UNHCR, UN's refugee agency.

Jukin Finalist | WWF
Jukin Finalist | Postpartum.net
Jukin Finalist | UN Refugee Agency

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