'Flavor Filter' Wins Emerging Creative Clio, Presented by Pepsi

Harnessing camera filters to amplify taste buds

This year's recipients of the Emerging Creative Clio Award, sponsored by Pepsi, are Cristian Alexander Mugarra Palma and Luis Piceros Fierro for their video, "Flavor Filter."

Pepsi | Flavor Filter

"It's a great satisfaction to see that our creativity has been valued and recognized by such an important international festival," says Palma. "We are filled with pride to have competed with young creatives from different countries and to be highlighted among all talents."

Based in Santiago, Chile, Palma as an art director and Fierro as copywriter.

They uncovered an important insight when responding to Pepsi's brief: "The most important moment in any meal is when we take a photo of the dish," says Palma. "When we thought about that, we said: 'If we help people make their photos look much better, we can tell them that they also taste better with Pepsi.'"

Palma says the goal was to create a big idea, while at the same time making it simple, digital, and communicated with directness. The creatives say they have a preference for the "hackvertising style" and so designed the entire execution to feel that way.

Pepsi will provide roundtrip coach travel and accommodations for Palma and Fierro to the 2024 Clio Awards this Wednesday, May 1, where they'll accept their award on stage and will also receive a check for $5,000.

The emerging creative award was open to new and emerging creatives without significant experience in advertising. The application included students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program or any other emerging creative with less than five years of experience in the advertising industry who hadn’t previously worked on the Pepsi account.

Three shortlisted videos, "Ho Ho Hack," "Refre-shhh" and "At Pepsi Point," connect the power of creativity to tech.

Check out all the shortlisted entries here.

Pepsi | Ho Ho Hack
Pepsi | Refre-shhh
Pepsi | At Pepsi Point

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