Clio Creative Summit: Dionna Dorsey Inspires the Next Generation

'The issue isn't a lack of talent, but rather a shortage of opportunities'

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Dionna Dorsey of The Creative Ladder will sit on our "Building a Bridge to the Next Generation Through Mentorship and Community" panel.

"It's worth noting that social movements advocating for equity and representation have gained considerable momentum, compelling industries to confront systemic disparities."

So says Dionna Dorsey, CEO of The Creative Ladder, which celebrated its one-year anniversary in June. The nonprofit is dedicated to connecting, inspiring and uplifting a diverse new generation of industry pros. Her co-founders are former advertising journalist David Griner and actor/entrepreneur/pitchman Ryan Reynolds.

The startup offers free seminars and workshops led by leaders in creative fields on such topics such as industry skills, financial literacy and well-being. Programming also includes leadership training, peer and diversity networks, mentorship, career exposure events and student outreach. 

"In our communities, the issue isn't a lack of talent, but rather a shortage of opportunities," Dorsey says.

The Creative Ladder aims to extend its reach to find "exceptionally talented young creatives from various diverse backgrounds, opening doors to opportunities that may have remained inaccessible and hidden otherwise," says Dorsey. "The hope is that we will inspire industry professionals to contribute to our cause in any way they can."

She believes the current landscape, while challenging, also offers unique opportunities for members of underrepresented communities. "[It gives us the opportunity] to address the imperative for diversity, inclusion, and a strong sense of community," she says. 

Dorsey believes organizations like hers can play a pivotal role in advancing inclusivity, even when the "once-intense focus" on DEI starts to diminish within certain industries. 

"Nevertheless, we maintain an optimistic outlook that creative organizations will continue their active pursuit of broadening their talent pool and fostering more inclusive work environments and opportunities for an inclusive new generation of creative industry leaders," Dorsey says.

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