Clio Awards Partners With Empowership to Elevate Women in the Ad Industry

Enrollment's open until mid-January

The Clio Awards has joined forces with Empowership, a program co-founded by Cecilia Gorman and Chelsea Szabo that supports, trains and nurtures women across media, marketing, advertising and tech.

The company uses a set of teaching pillars to create a remote development solution that sets it apart from traditional corporate training. Its focus includes:

  • Building and growing confidence
  • Bolstering effective and authentic communication
  • Harnessing the power of emotional intelligence
  • Managing work/life responsibilities

Enrollment is open until Jan. 14. The program costs $575 a person, begins in late-January and runs through the end of the year. A price break is applied for companies that enroll 25 or more employees.

"As a CEO in a traditionally male-dominated industry, uplifting the next generation of female leaders has always been very important to me," says Nicole Purcell, CEO of the Clio Awards. "The team that developed Empowership understands the unique challenges that women face in the workplace and their program is a powerful tool for overcoming obstacles that might block the path to success."

The annual initiative includes 12 monthly training calls, an on-demand member's hub, monthly emails and more. To date, the program has empowered over 5,000 women across 30 countries.

Szabo says, "In partnering with Clio, we want to reach a national audience of agencies that believe investing in women's development is critical. To provide members with access to another resource—one that is proven to work—for enhancing their careers and personal success in 2024."

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