See All the Top Winners From the 2021 Clio Cannabis Awards

The Grand winner, plus 6 other campaigns that won gold

Film, print and experiential campaigns topped the 2021 Clio Cannabis Awards on Tuesday, as seven campaigns won gold—and one, from Flowr Cannabis, took home a Grand Clio.

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Flowr Cannabis, 'Nothing to Hide'

Entrant company: Zerotrillion
Grand Clio, Film/Video: 31 seconds to 60 seconds
Gold Clio, Film/Video Craft: Cinematography
Gold Clio, Film/Video Craft: Editing
Gold Clio, Film/Video Craft: Other

Cannabis is now legal in Canada, but stigmas around the plant don't go away overnight. Too many users are still in hiding. So, agency Zerotrillion created this wonderful spot for Flowr Cannabis, communicating that Flowr shares the same experience and history with cannabis that consumers do—that Flowr remembers hiding and believes now's the time, together, to step out into the light.

The campaign won the sole Grand Clio this year. Read much more about the "Nothing to Hide" spot here.

Flowr Cannabis | Nothing to Hide

Ease Labs, 'Cannabis Science'

Entrant company: McCann Health Sao Paulo
Gold Clio, Print & Out Of Home Craft: Photography

More and more science has proven the benefits of cannabis use for a range of disease treatments, with clinically proven results. Yet stigma around the scientific use of cannabis remains.

McCann Health Sao Paulo took a literally closer look at this problem with "Cannabis Science," a series of remarkable print ads featuring microscopic views of cannabis leaves—a graphic campaign of singular beauty—to emphasize that science is still uncovering new uses for the plant. The headline on each reads: "Cannabis has science that science itself didn't know." 

Puffco, 'Budsy'

Entrant company: Puffco
Gold Clio, Integrated Campaign

Puffco's Budsy is a water pipe disguised as a water bottle—a bong hidden in plain sight. What started out as an April Fools' Day joke ikea soon became real, yet the marketing around in blurred the line between truth and comedy. Budsy is now a flagship Puffco product, and keeps selling out after each restock.

Puffco | Budsy
Puffco | Budsy

Puffco, 'Peak Pro Opal'

Entrant company: Puffco
Gold Clio, Film/Video: 61 seconds to 5 minutes

Puffco's Peak Pro Opal limited-edition concentrate vaporizer device featured an all-white exterior with pearlescent details, and a sparkling opal embedded into the glass. It felt almost like holy water, and so Puffco leaning into the religious imagery with this eye-catching promo. The theme of a cult served as the foundation since the cannabis community has its own unique culture, beliefs and behavior.  

Puffco | Peak Pro Opal

Hempire, 'Hemp In History: Abraham Lincoln'

Entrant company: The Nug Nation
Gold Clio, Film/Video Craft: Animation

Stop-motion animation company The Nug Nation conceptualized and created Hempire's "Hemp In History," an engaging, humorous look at how the hemp plant has impacted our history. In the first episode, guest host Ricardo Baca, owner of Grasslands, told the story of Abraham Lincoln—some of the best four minutes of cannabis content produced in recent memory.

Hempire | Hemp In History: Abraham Lincoln

Charlotte's Web, 'Going The Distance Vending Machine'

Entrant company: Shine & Polish
Gold Clio, Experience/Activation

Charlotte's Web wanted to put its new Hemp-Infused Topical Formulas in the hands of athletes to aide in better recovery and pain management. The problem is many athletes—and the world, for that matter—are skeptical of the efficacy of CBD products. The goal of this campaign was to turn these athletes into advocates for the power of hemp by helping them in a way they would never forget.

The "Going the Distance" experience—created with Denver-based creative studio Shine & Polish—was a self-powered and nature-safe vending machine designed to surprise outdoor athletes with CBD when they need it the most. It traveled to five remote and unexpected outdoor locations, from the top of a rock spire in Moab to the high-altitude mountain trails of the La Sal Mountain range. The machine was left for up for one day to not disturb nature's beauty, as well as to help other outdoor athletes try CBD when they needed it most.

Going the Distance: The Charlotte’s Web Vending Machine

Charlotte's Web, 'Seed To Shelf (LOFT Video)'

Entrant company: Charlotte's Web
Gold Clio, Film/Video Craft: Editing

In recognition of Charlotte's Web moving to a brand new, state-of-the-art production facility, the brand decided to capture what it sounds and looks like to go through a day in the life of its operations team. Located across three very different portions of Colorado, this film illustrates why Charlotte's Web is The World's Most Trusted Hemp Company.

Charlotte's Web | Seed to Shelf
Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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