House of Puff Touts the 'Luxury Cannabis Lifestyle'

It's all about relaxation and self-care

House of Puff makes a lifestyle play with "Welcome Home," the brand's first video venture across all of its product lines.

"The decision to create this content stemmed from a desire to encapsulate the essence of House of Puff's luxury cannabis lifestyle in a holistic and immersive experience," says Kristina Lopez, founder and CEO of the NYC-based women-owned and Latina-led company.

House of Puff seeks to demonstrate the seamless integration of products like its Spritz spray into upscale daily routines.

Developed with creative director Billy Richards and fashion videographer Tishawn Fahie, the work depicts quiet time reading, cooking and taking baths—all enhanced by products from House of Puff.

Richards and Fahie "elevated us to new heights, literally, with a sky-scraping drone panorama," Lopez says. The work is running across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

The video is playing on a continuous loop at the Etain Dispensary retail shop in White Plains, N.Y., with an official launch party on site on April 18. The campaign will be live through the 4/20 High Holidays

House of Puff is also collaborating with tastemakers and designers like Kim Myles to help create a narrative that connects House of Puff's online and in-store experiences.

The overall campaign will continue throughout the year with activations online and in-real-life.

“We also hope to inspire the understanding that House of Puff products can be used for cannabis enjoyment and for other pursuits, like the Barrow Street Bowl holding all herbs and spices or the Tribeca Tamper Sticks for perfecting joints or stirring cocktails. The Astor Hemp Wick lights everything!” Lopez says.  

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