Heavy Hitters Releases One-of-a-Kind 1-Liter Cannabis Tincture With Gorgeous Luxe Design

Celebrating the past, eyeing the future

This limited-edition package exudes high style. A deluxe outer box unfolds into a three-panel display decorated with bright, surreal imagery and a lyrical essay on the history of the brand. The opaque bottle sports a smoky finish and silver-plated cap. Its hand-blown glass insignia reflects light in countless colors, like a prism.  

We're not talking about some luxe cognac or vodka. Rather, cannabis brand Heavy Hitters is celebrating its 25th birthday with HVY Grand. The 1-liter distilled tincture contains 1,000 mg of THC—and boasts packaging designed to the hilt.

Some 500 gift boxes, priced at $200 each, recently hit select dispensary shelves in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. Design studio Essential Good and packaging firm GPA Global developed the impressive presentation. Magnified photography by Erik Christiansen transforms trichomes—the sticky fibers on cannabis leaves—into denizens of some magical world.

What's more, an anodized jigger is included for precise dosing, plus a highball glass. Cheers!

"Our goal was to create something premium and modern, but also classic," David Pyle, brand director at Heavy Hitters, tells Muse. "We felt like we needed to look beyond the cannabis category to achieve that vision. The design takes cues from the automotive, jewelry, cosmetic and other premium categories."

"We felt that it was important that the package design be as unique and innovative as the product itself," a pearl-white liquid based on the legendary strain Acapulco Gold that delivers "a full-body, uplifting high," Pyle says. "We wanted to create something ultra-premium, with striking shelf appeal and a captivating unboxing experience. Bold, symmetrical design elements draw the eye vertically, while the holographic foil contrasts the dark glass."

Such elements are crucial in the cannabis category, he maintains, because "many purchasing decisions are made in the aisles of a dispensary, and brands are using packaging to set themselves apart and attract or educate consumers. Eye-catching packaging is probably the best 'ad' you can currently have for your product."

With HVY Grand, Heavy Hitters sought to acknowledge cannabis' rich, varied and often rebellious past (Jack Nicholson and Jefferson Airplane were devotees of Acapulco Gold), while suggesting a brighter, more mainstream future.

"Our goal is to have the HVY Grand bottle displayed prominently in the homes of every true cannabis fan," Pyle says.

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