Brands Celebrate 4/20, the Cannabis High Holiday, With Willie, Snoop, Martha and Merch

The segment rolls big this time of year

Happy High Holiday! This 4/20, brands break out with exclusive content, accessories, collagen kits, fanny packs, munchies and more. 

Bic, 'Slow Burn Sessions'

The longstanding maker of lighters has teamed up with "America's favorite trio"—Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson and Martha Stewart—for exclusive YouTube content. "Slow Burn Sessions" by Bic EZ Reach Lighters features 4 hours and 20 minutes with the celeb mashup, who appear in groovy-mood segments. 

Pizza Pizza, Pre-Rolls x Hot Box

The Toronto-based eatery sets out to satisfy 4/20 munchies with two limited-time products. We're told you can get "fully baked" with "Pizza Pizza Pre-Rolls." Naturally, these are snack-sized strombolis shaped like joints. The pizza maker is also offering "Hot Box," a storage solution for ... whatevs. Munchies, mostly.

Blazy Susan, 'Secret Box Battery' x More

Sport Blazy Susan's smell-proof fanny or backpack. Vaping on the sly? There's also the "Secret Box Battery" for toking on the down low. And don't forget the spinning rolling tray and pink rolling papers.

Jimmy John's, 'Deliciously Dope Dime Bag'

The fast food chain has designed a special combo meal to cure those inevitable food cravings. The "Deliciously Dope Dime Bag" comes with a hand-sliced smoked ham and provolone cheese sandwich with all the fixins',  plus a fudge chocolate brownie (minus the hash) and Jimmy Chips. Rolling tray included!

Vital Proteins, 'Wake and Take Collection'

To keep joints working at an optimum level, Vital Proteins has created a collagen kit, the "Wake and Take Collection." Goodies include gummies, hemp tea, a diffuser, plus a grinder if coffee is your hot beverage of choice.

Claw Money + Etain, Custom Vape Pen

Claw Money, known for her contribution to graffiti culture and the global art scene, has partnered with New York-based cannabis brand Etain to create a custom vape pen. Its battery features Claw Money's classic style, connecting cannabis culture to graffiti in an artful way.

Miracle-Gro,  #GrowYourOwn Edible Gardening Kit

The company has launched a limited edition Grow Your Own Edible Gardening Kit. It comes complete with Swiss chard, carrot, spinach and beet seed plugs, and an almanac to assist with your gardening efforts. Miracle-Gro has also partnered with Action Bronson on a 3-part edible gardening series on TikTok.

Zippo, 20th of April Collection

The windproof lighter maker speaks to the modern cannabis enthusiast with a four-piece set in high polish brass with designs from playful to abstract to elegant. Think sophistication, refinement for this high holiday.

Popeyes, Munchies Menu

The food chain created a limited time Munchies Menu with a “smokin’ deal." Through the high holiday, fast food favorites like the Chicken Sandwich meal are on offer for $4.20. Munch away!

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