The 420 Hotline Is Ready to Take Your Cannabis Calls Today

The Green Organic Dutchman takes a page from Butterball's Turkey Talk Line

Drake has "Hotline Bling." Butterball has a "Turkey Talk Line." And now, The Green Organic Dutchman has a "420 Hotline" as part of its 4/20 cannabis celebration.

The hotline, open today from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST to anyone over the legal age, will be run by budtenders, growers and industry experts like Andrew Freedman (the Cannabis Sommelier) and Kelsey Cannabis.

Users can call 1-833-4HIGHLY (1-833-444-4459), text 1-289-982-7000, or Instagram DM @HighlyDutchOrganic.

"The cannabis industry has much more strict advertising and promotion rules than other industries, but we believe there are ways to still execute unique ideas within those confines," says Drew Campbell, VP of marketing at The Green Organic Dutchman. "We were familiar with the Butterball Turkey Hotline, through a West Wing episode, and thought it was an appropriate tribute. We can offer cannabis education and support, all within the similarities of a familiar—less fun, but equally legal—multi-decade-old Thanksgiving turkey cooking support line. Sometimes cannabis should just be fun, and this is it."

If all goes well with today's hotline, The Green Organic Dutchman will consider making this a yearly occurrence.

"We have a dozen people participating directly who will answer calls, texts and DMs," Campbell tells Muse. "Our organic farm in Ancaster, Ontario, has approximately 150 employees, so if we receive a very specific question about growing, lighting, etc., we can involve any of their expertise, too. We're hoping to get people more comfortable with considering cannabis as a product for themselves."

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