TikTok + Stanley Come to the Rescue of a Woman Who Lost Her Car in a Fire

A feel-good story just in time for the holidays

Danielle's car was destroyed by a fire. Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt, but she was very upset, as anyone would be. 

She created a brief post for TikTok, revealing that the interior of her vehicle had been reduced to ashes. Danielle added some levity, too, pointing out that her Stanley tumbler, sitting in a cup holder, emerged relatively unscathed. 

And here's the kicker: Not only did her tumbler survive the blaze, but the ice inside hadn't even melted.

@danimarielettering Thirsty after you catch on fire? @Stanley 1913 is like no problem i gotchu #fyp #carfire #accident #stanleycup ♬ original sound - Danielle

TikTok loved the reveal, and the video went viral. It's generated 8.2 million likes at last count, and quickly caught the attention of Stanley. 

The company's global president, Terence Reilly, stitched Danielle's video, expressing relief that she was unharmed and promising to send her new tumblers.

Oh—and he also mentioned that the brand would replace her car.

@stanleybrand #stitch with @Danielle ♬ original sound - Stanley 1913

"Her video showcased our brand and product promise in a way that was both scary but affirming—we're not surprised that her Stanley remained intact," Reilly tells Muse. "We can't wait to get her into a new vehicle, and we're grateful that she's safe."

"I cannot believe they are going to buy me a car," Danielle says in a follow-up posted on TikTok two days ago. "I'm so grateful to Stanley for doing this, and I feel blessed beyond belief."

She also thanks the TikTok community for its overwhelmingly positive and supportive comments—including pleas for Stanley to get her new a fresh ride. "I can't believe it. I can't believe that thousands of people would show up for me like that or just be so complimentary or positive," she says.

“As a person that has gone most of their life feeling invisible, you have made me feel incredible, and I can't thank you enough, and I just want to say to anybody that maybe feels like that, that you’re not seen or heard, just give it 15 seconds. Everything might change."

In another video posted yesterday, Danielle unboxed a package of goodies she received from the brand. There were 40-ounce branded tumblers, of course, including an ice blue model that's "hard to find right now," Danielle enthuses.

As for the trusty Stanley tumbler that survived the fire, it's currently stowed in her garage. Danielle doesn't plan to drink out of it. But she is saving the cup as a memento from a terrible event that had a silver lining.

Christine Champagne
Muse contributor Christine Champagne is a writer based in NYC.

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