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Inside Mastercard's Digital Experiences, LGBTQ+ Work, and Adventures in Sonic Branding

CMO Raja Rajamannar on managing a number of global crises at once

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It's not a time to sell; it's a time to serve. That's been Raja Rajamannar's core philosophy since the Covid-19 health crisis upended life around the globe, spawning concurrent economic and confidence crises, with massive social upheaval on top of that. In this week's episode of On Brand, we speak with Mastercard's global CMO about how the company is engaging consumers on an empathetic level at this time, including pivoting its crucial experiential work to digital, as well as its support of the LGBTQ community and its belief in sonic branding as a game changer.


1:30 - How WFH is going for Raja and his team.
2:24 - How Covid-19 has changed Mastercard and its marketing.
6:47 - Inside Mastercard's pivot to digital experiences, and how to do them well.
9:49 - A look at the True Name card for trans people, and Mastercard's support of the LGBTQ community.
14:15 - Mastercard's adventures in sonic branding.
20:19 - A look back at the brand's "Astronomical Sales" campaign from Dubai.
23:29 - What the next six months look like for Mastercard.

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