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How Vimeo Is Making Video Work for Businesses and Creatives

CMO Harris Beber on the company's Covid efforts, the value of Staff Picks and more

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Chances are you've been consuming more video during Covid than you did before the pandemic—whether that's video chatting for work or getting your news and entertainment in a quarantine world. At Vimeo, these dynamics simply prove what the company has long believed—that video is the future. In this week's episode of On Brand, Clio president Nicole Purcell is joined as co-host by Cristina Jones, from our partners at Salesforce, to chat with Vimeo CMO Harris Beber. Harris tell us how the company has been approaching the even more rapid adoption of video by brands and consumers, what content Vimeo has produced itself during Covid, and how its tools help creatives and businesses express themselves and move product in a pandemic world and beyond.


• 1:39 - How WFH is going for Harris and his team.
• 2:57 - The rise of video during Covid, and the role Vimeo tools play in content creation.
• 4:19 - A look at Vimeo's "Stories in Place" Covid series.
• 10:13 - How Salesforce and Vimeo have both been supporting small businesses.
• 14:09 - The value of Staff Picks to the Vimeo brand.
• 15:53 - How Vimeo thinks of data and creativity.
• 18:13 - Vimeo's stand against hate speech and its other social initiatives.
• 21:23 - One brand Harris admires in particular for its storytelling.
• 21:12 - What the next six months look like for Vimeo.

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