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How Postmates Is Navigating a World Where Everything's Delivered

Marketing chief Eric Edge on the brand's recent work, and how the category is evolving

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It's not a bad time to be in the delivery business. Postmates has seen its volumes surge during the Covid-19 pandemic, as many consumers prefer delivery over visits to stores and restaurants—and many eateries still aren't open anyway. In this week's On Brand, Postmates marketing chief Eric Edge tells us how the company is dealing with the increased demand, how the category is changing, and what tone Postmates is aiming for with its recent creative advertising.


1:23 - How Eric is dealing with the pandemic, seven months in.
2:28 - His biggest challenge as a marketer these days.
5:11 - Inside Postmates' "Order Local" campaign for Covid.
9:55 - A look at the brand's pharma parody ad "Pad Thai," part of a new campaign.
13:27 - Whether Eric think the home-delivery market has changed for good.
16:04 - How Postmates approaches discussing the problems in society.
18:39 - Which other brand's marketing does Eric admire?
19:51 - What's next for Postmates over the next six months.

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