W+K and Deepfake Willie Nelson Hype Omega Mart, a Mind-Bending Las Vegas Attraction

A grand-opening commercial like no other

If you enjoy your tourist attractions in the form of dystopian supermarkets, then you should book your tickets now to visit Omega Mart, aka "America's Most Exceptional Supermarket," which opens in Las Vegas on Feb. 18.

Omega Mart is the second permanent art installation/entertainment destination built by Meow Wolf, an art collective that also created the House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a few years back. Nobody really knows what to expect from Omega Mart—yet. But this page on Meow Wolf's site gives you an idea of the kinds of games, art experiences and other diversions to expect.

So, how do you advertise this hodgepodge of WTF? You bring in Wieden + Kennedy, the agency known for its own regular bouts of inspired weirdness, to create some wacky content of their own. And because it's all set against the consumerist background of a supermarket theme, W+K parodies a lot of retro grocery-shopper tropes in its collection of absurdist launch materials.

Let's begin with the traditional grand-opening commercial, directed by Andreas Nilsson, which is anything but traditional—as you'll gather from the appearance of a deepfake Willie Nelson as pitchman.

OMEGA MART — “Grand Opening”

Other videos feature product supposedly on sale at Omega Mart. The most curious among these is the Romantic Dinner In A Can, which features exactly that ... in the shape of a gelatinous cylinder.

Also, if you're looking for orange drink or personalized bleach (seemingly an amusing jab at Coca-Cola), Omega Mart has those, too. These supporting videos were directed by Mike Diva.

Omega Mart doesn't get everything right, though. Check out the PSA below, warning customers who have purchased lemons which are not actually lemons. Be sure to call the number, too, for proper disposal instructions of the not-lemons.

In an email to Muse, W+K creative directors Jason Kreher and Matt Sorrell said this about the project: "Meow Wolf is a bunch of artists who have seen the future, so we were thrilled and humbled to be asked along for the ride. We got deep in the mud with them early as they were developing their Vegas experience and saw firsthand how they are able to collaborate with so many disparate types of artists, but still maintain a singular artistic voice. It was inspiring and frankly changed the way we work here at W+K. These guys are expert storytellers and world builders, so our sole job as their creative partner is to invite as many people as possible to come see what it's like to have your mind bent."

Below, check out a few more creative assets. We're told we can expect intriguing billboards around Las Vegas and a giant inflatable gorilla in time for the opening date.


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Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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