Squarespace Takes an Artful Look Back at a Year Like No Other

Its customers appear in Ignasi Monreal portraits

In "Browser History," website builder Squarespace looks back on a challenging year like no other, as we meet six of the platform's customers who launched or pivoted their businesses in 2020, embodying the creative spirit of entrepreneurs across the globe. 

Squarespace developed the initiative in-house, and each subject gets a Renaissance-style digital portrait from acclaimed artist Ignasi Monreal.

We meet comedian Ziwe Fumudoh, who offers wry observations on race and politics. She launched an IGTV show during the pandemic, and in a "Browser History" Q&A, discusses weighted blankets and world domination, among other topics:

Here's Rose Greenberg, a maker of high-art "sculptured" pillows that put Mike Lindell's mass-produced, Trump-lovin' cushions to shame:

Next, we keep the beat with Good Move, a Brooklyn dance and wellness studio that offers virtual classes to help folks stay fit and sane while spending inordinate amounts of time at home:

In a blog post, Squarespace touts "Browser History" as the first installment "in a new annual series highlighting the inspiring customers using our platform to make their dreams a reality."

"This year, only the bravest of the brave, the strongest of the strong, and the boldest of the bold could launch something new into the world," the company says. "They are the vanguard leading us forward. The beacons lighting our path. Those who dared to leap into the unknown and found they could fly. They are among the best of the worst year, and they embody the creative, resilient and ambitious spirit we are proud to support on our platform."

The work jibes with previous Squarespace brand campaigns, though it's more down-to-earth than the spaceflight-themed "Launch It" from a few months back or 2019's "Make It Real," both of which relied on fantastical visual effects to carry the message.

You can glimpse the rest of the "Browser History" entries below. They spotlight fashion designer Tia Adeola, performer/musician Tim Heidecker (one-half of the comedy due Tim and Eric), and Richaud Valls, who's risen to the Covid-19 challenge with big-time quarantine baking.

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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