Portraits of 200 W+K London Staffers Greet Visitors

Championing employees and diverse artists

Portraits are part of Wieden+Kennedy's DNA. They're normally the first thing you see when you walk in. From black and white film photography to food portraits and 3D models, they put their people on a pedestal, and each office has its own twist.

We wanted to reflect the tapestry of cultures, languages, and ideas that make up London. So, we commissioned 18 of the city's most promising illustrators to draw the 200+ faces that constitute W+K London.

We're calling it "New Faces," an ongoing project that aims to continually spotlight the best up-and-coming London-based talent, champion the people who work here and celebrate creative eclecticism.

From Fromm Studio's 3D ceramic busts and Olga Rokosz's stitched puppets to Cyntia Agata's almost photorealistic pieces and Joshua Scurville's "side-eye" faces, the hope is that people see just how talented these artists are and begin knocking on their doors.

Click each sample to enlarge:

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Freddy Taylor
Freddy Taylor is a creative director at Wieden+Kennedy London.

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