Pornhub Designed a Huge Art Installation Imagining Sex in the Year 2069

A sexually charged (but really safe?) utopia

It's hard not to like Pornhub; it's so creepy and clever. 

Everybody's favorite online porn brand just launched Pornhub Nation, a Los Angeles-based art installation. True to its name, it will feature a "futuristic, utopian society formed by Pornhub." 

Check out the SFW intro video here: 

Equal orgasms for all by 2069! 

The exhibit, designed by artists Maggie West and Ryder Ripps, covers 3,000 square feet on West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles. To solidify the sense that this is a proper nation, various bureaucratic organizations were reimagined. These include the National Sexurity ASSociation (NSA) and, replacing the DMV, the Domination Masochistic Vroomvroom (guess they had trouble nailing that acronym). 

"Over the last few months, we worked with Pornhub to create an interactive fantasy world with alien sex plants, DMV sex dungeons and presidents who will proudly stand behind their secret sex tapes," says West. "Pornhub Nation is a sexy, neon-drenched utopia where we can escape the banality of our everyday lives." 

Pornhub Nation includes seven rooms. It starts with the National Gallery, flush with marquee lights and neon signs, and portraits of Presidents Asa Akira, Riley Reid, Abella Danger and Joanna Angel. 

The National Sexurity ASSociation room is appropriately mirrored from top to bottom. It features eight security cameras with feeds from other exhibits, giving people a truly NSA-style sense of what lies ahead. The DMV, meanwhile, walks the line between a BDSM dungeon and that sad place where you wait to renew your driver's license. 

"As a frequent user of Pornhub's fantastic services, both within my 'art' and 'personal' practices, this project has been a lot of fun and ontologically stimulating," says Ripps. "Come for the innate desire for human procreation; stay for the infinity mirrors and ball pit!" 

The aforementioned ball pit can be found in the National Silicon Reserve (NSR) room. ASSA, Pornhub Nation's space exploration program, is devoted to zero-gravity space sex among intergalactic plants. 

The IRS has a virtual reality game for sorting out finances (highly important for stress-free lovemaking), and the National Garden is pretty much a jungle lounge.

Pornhub Nation also features photos of over 20 top porn performers playing various bureaucratic roles, including DMV agents, scientists and the president(s).

And like any self-respecting art scene, it even includes a gift shop! Ironically, this may well be the least sexy part of the whole shebang. 

"Today, Pornhub receives over 90 million daily visitors. Considering the exponential rate at which we are growing, maybe it wouldn't be totally out of the question to see a Pornhub-themed utopian society formed by the year 2069," says Pornhub vp Corey Price. 

Pornhub Nation is open from July 14 to Aug. 11. Attendees must be over 18, or over 21 if they plan on attending in the evening (this is probably best experienced with drinks). Tickets can be purchased here for about $27. 

If you plan on road-tripping down with buddies, remember to avoid putting your head in the driver's lap...

Angela Natividad
Angela Natividad is the European markets editor at Muse by Clio. She also writes about gaming and fashion, and whatever else she's interested in, really. She's based in Paris and North Italy, so if you're local, say hi. She might eat all your food.

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