Parme Marin Wins Top Honors at MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW 2023

Exploring the body and its relationship to motherhood

Using materials such as wood, leather and bone, New York-based Parme Marin seeks to communicate a sense of staying grounded while creating highly-relatable artwork.

On Monday, Marin won a special AD ART SHOW Clio at the 6th-annual MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW at Powerhouse Arts. The event honors folks working at the intersection of fine arts and advertising. Art professionals and collectors served on the jury.

The Paris transplant calls her approach deeply personal and therapeutic, "helping me to question myself and evolve as a human being." 

Marin stirred the jury with her sculptures and mixed-media work, demonstrating depth of emotion combined with explorations of spatial dynamics.

Her winning sculpture, "Motherhood," is made of leather, blown glass and thuya wood. 

"It talks about fragility, care and balance," says Marin. "My work is mostly introspective. I try to anthropologically analyze womanhood, and the complexity of navigating personal identities in an era characterized by uniformity. I explore the body and its relationship to motherhood, the blurred boundaries between public approval and personal reflection. Plus, the way we behave, what society has imposed on us, and how we are dealing with it in an era where a lot is shifting. How does one find balance as a parent, as a partner and as an artist? How does one find one's honest voice?"

Marin hopes those viewing her art will ask questions about their own lives, hopes and aspirations. "I have no intention for them to look for me in there—quite the opposite," she says.

Check out more of her work below:

Marin is also known in the fashion world for her eponymous line and her work for Hermes

At the show, abstract mixed-media photographer Tobi Shinobi and expressionist mixed-media artist Marco Gallotta received top honors from the collectors' jury.

Shinobi integrates analog and digital elements, inviting viewers to pursue a dialogue with his art:

Marco utilizes his expertise in paper-cutting techniques, drawing, watercolors and printmaking to create haunting multi-layered images:

"This year's group of artists is particularly impressive,” says Maria van Vlodrop, founder and CEO of the MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW. "All 95 represent vibrant, individual voices in art. They clearly demonstrate the depth of artistic talent among the dual career artists we celebrate each year during AD ART SHOW and the value of time spent working in commercial art."

Other finalists for the 2023 competition include: ArvoMcK, Azita Panahpour, Daniel Scharfman, David Edward Johnson, John LaMacchia, Leo Macias and Yejun Noon.

OUTFRONT Media will feature the works of Marin, Shinobi and Gallotta on the Cube Billboard in NYC's Times Square. Art created by the remaining top 10 will be featured on OUTFRONT billboards in major markets like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Boston.

Artworks by all participating artists are available for purchase on MvVO ART's Artsy gallery page.

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